The next February 18ththe Hotel Ilunion Suites in Madrid will host the second edition of TribuCamp, the largest national Knowmada event where more than 200 bloggers and digital product developers share knowledge and experiences for 13 hours. The common denominator of the participants will be the development of one-person companies based on the use of new technologies.

A laptop with an ADSL connection is a sufficient tool to become a digital knowmada. Providing knowledge and value to customers is already what separates successful nomads from those who are not. We spoke to Frank Scipion, promoter of the Spanish-speaking Knowmada movement and founder of TribuCamp. Your case is also considered a clear demonstration of a successful independent professional when you consider that your company, Lifestyle squaredalready achieves half a million annual sales and has more than 1,500 customers from 23 countries purchase the so-called info products. Come on, a little one-man multinational.

“Info products are created from the sum of information and products. In other words, what we sell is knowledge, often in digital form such as an online course, e-book, audio books or coaching, and you can market all of this without intermediaries,” Scipion clarifies. He also insists on distancing the knowmadas from technology, “on the contrary, there are people of all kinds. Technology is just the tool that allows a certain way of working and living, but what matters here is the to know, the knowledge and value you bring to your customers with the information”.

Despite this, it must be said that Franck Scipion is an engineer by training and MBA who has worked through large companies such as Deloitte but felt that his work no longer satisfied him. “I had the typical professional crisis that many of us go through at the age of 35 to 40. I had the feeling that I had to reinvent myself.” For a while he developed entrepreneurial projects at the same time, always related to the Internet. The third, Lifestyle Squared, was developed through his work at the Spanish Society of Cardiology, where he was involved in digital projects, so that when he was laid off in 2012 due to the effects of the crisis, he felt almost liberated. “What if I had to work a lot? Well, outrageous, like any other entrepreneur or more. The Internet has positively influenced the democratization of companies. You no longer need as many resources or infrastructure to start a business, but removing barriers also means more global competition. I’m not saying this is a bargain, most online businesses started after 3 years are gone. You have to reckon with the failure factor.”

The 10 Commandments

Ever since Franck Scipion declared himself digital know-mada, he has lived between Spain – his wife is Andalusian – and France, his country of origin. He enjoys interacting with the community and preaching the 10 commandments of life and culture. Knowmada: You can be anyone with no age limit; use knowledge and live from it; contextually apply what you know; be motivated to work together; use new technologies in a targeted manner; share what you know; learn, unlearn and adopt new ideas when necessary; form continuously, almost permanently; move like a fish in water in flat organizations and, tenth, do not fear failure.

The risks? we ask. “Of course there are. I have already said that this is not a bicoca. It’s a very lonely way of working that sometimes even your partner doesn’t understand, and you have to learn to discipline yourself, both when you’re working and when you’re off the computer, if you don’t want it to eat up your life.”

He says the group feels comfortable with the word Outsider if they relate to it, but he’s confident they will normalize over time. “It’s better if young people realize that they have to reinvent themselves every 5-10 years because jobs are created that we don’t know about yet. Gainful employment is becoming increasingly scarce and fewer and fewer people are interested in developing their entire career in the same company. This is not cumbersome. It’s here to stay,” he predicts.

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