The director and founder of Medieval factory it is John Paul Utrillas. This tailor from Teruel says he has always been drawn to the Middle Ages. It is normal for this to be the case in a city whose main festival is Las Bodas de Isabel de Segura, in honor of the lovers of Teruel. However, it is not a festival with a long tradition. It was held in 1997 after a small group of actors in medieval costumes invaded the streets of Teruel. At that point, Juan Pablo Utrillas had already established his company, so he had a unique opportunity and a perfect showcase to exhibit his work. He is the one who provides decoration and clothing for the more than 90,000 people who attend the Teruel festival, but also for those who take part in similar commemorations that take place in Ávila, Navarre or Pontevedra.

The Medieval Factory is also involved in film and theater productions, has inspired important fashion designers and organizes medieval-themed weddings throughout Spain. For weddings, they say they start in March and end in October, almost certainly every weekend.

But for Juan Pablo Utrillas the national market was too small, so he decided to digitize the business and open an e-commerce. This has opened doors for him in France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain and Portugal. It has also expanded the catalog that includes more than 5,000 references of suits, helmets, swords … and other props. He doesn’t manage to sell in Asia, maybe because the clothes and the setting are very different, but he got an order from Africa that still surprises him.

Thanks to the changes in the business, Utrilla has managed to double its turnover and grow by 20% annually. But he doesn’t want to stop there. “Now we’re going all over Europe and the United States. We’re going to eat the world,” he explains, in case anyone thought the Middle Ages had no future.

The problem is that managing global expansion from Teruel is complicated, particularly due to the lack of skilled professionals and because few seem interested in relocating there. Therefore, it will soon open an office in Valencia, from which the entire digital transformation process will be coordinated, using native translators for cultural adaptation to the different markets, experts in business development and online marketing, among others. The production will continue to take place in the premises of more than 1,500 square meters in Villarquemado, maintaining the collaboration with the neighboring clothing workshops with which she has worked all her life.

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