The “Miracle” of the Lezama Group is the title of the lecture, which will be held from 7:30 p.m. and to which members of the Association of Former Students and Teachers are invited. The speaker will reflect on the extraordinary growth of his group and how it has evolved from a small open tavern in the center of Madrid to one of the most solid companies in our country with an international presence.

The story of a little giant that began in 1974 with the opening of Taberna el Alaberdero as a hospitality training center for young people staying in a hostel in Vallecas, where they could learn and teach: A risky bet, but one that turned out so well that 40 years later, the Lezama Group manages 14 restaurants (one of them in Washington), several hotel management schools, a school, an incubator, two hotels and is completing several projects in Buenos Aires and Puerto Rico.

Interested parties can confirm their participation by calling 913105180 or via the link