The company’s name is the acronym resulting from the union of smart (intelligent) with travel (journey). “When SmartTravel was taken, we removed the ‘ra’ and we were left with it Smartvel what we like, we see as fresh and dynamic,” he says Inigo ValenzuelaCEO of the company and former director of various companies in the tourism industry.

Leveraging technology focused on the tourism sector, Smartvel is a B2B2C company offering Software as a Service (SaaS). “Basically, we created a content marketing tool for the Smart Cities, Tourism and Connected Cars segments. We provide a trip planner that integrates with our clients’ websites/web-mobile or APPs in minutes three basic properties: offers the classic information of a tourist guide, to which is added what is happening in the destination on certain dates (concerts, culture, sport, etc.) and an unlimited number of layers specific to each client (their recommendations and the content, that makes sense for their business, for example, a hotel chain provides their concierge’s restaurant recommendations, their recommendations for tours and activities, and this information customized to their customer’s profile,” explains Valenzuela.

The aim is to help its customers to create added value through qualified information and through the generation of dynamic digital content using Big Data techniques. In this way, they enhance the traveler’s experience, both at the inspirational moment of choice and at the destination. “We want to provide valuable information that will drive them to do more, create more inspiration before and during the trip, increase customer satisfaction and value, and generate more self and third-party sales.” The proposal won Best Big in 2014 -Data and tourism company and just finished fourth in the StartUp Fight in competition Deloitte.

More international weight in 2017

They have also received financial support from public institutions such as CDTI (Neotec) and Segittur (two rounds) and private bodies such as Caixa Capital Risc or Alsa. That’s how they collected them €1.5 million invested till date. As for billing, which currently averages €20,000 per month, they hope to increase it to between €55,000 and €80,000 per month over the course of the year. “It will depend on the resources we get for international growth,” says Valenzuela. Currently, the company’s international weight is low (about 30%), “but we believe that we will increase to 50% in the course of 2017”.

Of all the trances overcome, Valenzuela recalls the difficulties of “finding the best team and funding.” Once those potholes are overcome, comes the complication of attracting customers. “Fortunately, we’re already past that phase,” he says. Among his clients are the government of the city of Buenos Aires in relation to Smart Citirs, the hotel chain Meliá and in the world of driving and connected cars Repsol Guide and ALD Automotive as allies.

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