Health insurance. Up to 500 euros per family member (spouse and dependent children) she pays no type tax. Anything in excess of this amount is taxed as a species. “But currently there is a wide variety of insurance premiums that do not exceed 500 euros per year,” Oliva recalls.

Grocery coupons. Up to nine euros per day and working day tax-free. By law, they must be nominative, non-transferable, numbered and usable on working days and the amount cannot be accumulated from one day to another.

Nursery vouchers. “Except for Navarre and the Basque Country, with a ceiling of 1,000 euros, the rest are exempt from paying taxes on the costs of the first cycle from 0 to three years. Kindergarten is expensive and the fact that you don’t pay taxes for 3,000 or 4,000 euros can result in big savings,” says Oliva.

Purchase of a computer with an Internet connection. This product appears in the Corporate Income Tax Act, which gives companies access to new technologies. For the employee – through his company – all expenses for computer equipment with an Internet connection are tax-free,” he emphasizes.

Education. It appears in the Income Tax Act as completely exempt from paying taxes on property “provided that this training is related to the work or career development of the employee concerned”.

rental apartments. It is not fully exempt, only a percentage of the cadastral value, 5 or 10%, is deducted from the rent paid depending on whether it was verified before or after 1994. The value you charge in kind is included in the most cases less than the amount of the rent. For example, if you pay rent of 10,000 euros per year and you are charged 6,000, you are left with 4,000 for which you will not pay taxes,” emphasizes Oliva.

vehicle rental. The conditions of this product are similar to those of renting an apartment. You are not 100% exempt. A percentage of the new car value – 20% – is taxed and multiplied by the percentage of private use. In other words, if the car is used 40% for work and 60% for personal use, only 20% of that 60% for personal use will be taxed. And that, rather than doing it for 100% of the car – in the event the employee bought it privately – is an important tax benefit, “because what’s being charged is less than the rental fee you’re paying. With In other words, the higher the proportion of business use and the smaller the proportion of private use, the more tax advantages there are.To do this, an analysis of the use and the planned use of the vehicle must be carried out,” advises the expert.

retirement plan. This product has deferred taxation, meaning “now an employee’s contributions to this plan will not be taxed, but they will be taxed if they receive them in retirement – at a lower tax rate – or before that, if there is long-term unemployment or severe.” Illness. It will be a financial expense for the company. This product is typically offered to specific groups with savings opportunities within a company,” says Oliva.

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