For a year now, the BBVA Innovation Center in Madrid has been organizing an event related to what they call “the third internet revolution” or the Internet of Things: the programmable web, based on APIs and apps that connect everything. We have given some business keys in this report.

On October 14th, The API Hour returns to further explain what it offers and how companies can use it. «We will have a block dedicated to API management, how companies create their own API platform and how to monetize and use it. It also explains how to create a startup based on applications that use APIs from others. The message would be: grow fast by taking advantage of what others have already done. With the HTML5Spain team, it becomes very convenient. And a success story: RiderState, which created a startup using an API from another company,” explains José María de la Chica, one of the organizers.

Among the participants are representatives and experts from these companies already working on these topics: 3Scale, ByteFlair, HTML5 Spain, Autentia, BeBanjo, BBVA, RiderState or Beeva, among others.

Participation is free (registration required) and you can follow if you wish via his website.