What the founders of Noisno brand is to create a reference fashion brand in which the quality of the garments and the care of the design, although they are priorities, are linked to a set of values ​​in defense of some fundamental rights. From this perspective, which vacillated between fashion and the right, on July 23 they launched their four collections, each with three models of “very cool t-shirts that also help make the world a better place,” he says. William Gonzalez de Rivera one of the founders of the company.

First they add four causes: the fight against climate change, saying no to gender abuse, defending animals and finally defending human rights in general. In each of them they collaborate with an NGO related to these areas, donating 20% ​​of the amount of each t-shirt sold at a price of € 25.95 plus shipping costs. The identification of the cause is reflected in the side pocket worn by all of their garments, which for the time being can only be purchased through their e-commerce and in some markets they participate in. Production takes place in Portugal.

The project arose from a group of four friends who had wanted to get involved for some time, but in a project with a social impact that would satisfy them personally and professionally. Both premises are important because while they associate the brand with altruistic purposes, the ultimate goal is to charge your business and make it a profitable venture. They want to make noisno a “reference fashion brand for young people around the world,” they say. For these global landmarks, they chose an English name and the phrase “Improving the world make it change” as the brand’s slogan. Whether the name might seem aportunistic, González de Rivera admits the coincidence, but assures that they had already registered the name with the La Manada case before all the turmoil in Pamplona.

Whatever the circumstances, the truth is that proponents of this idea are more than happy with the reception of the product. With less than two months on the market – one of them in August – the figures are not relevant yet, but they claim to exceed expectations, since they have already made several shipments abroad and that the feedback they receive in their audience’s networks received, including 18 and 35 years of age, is very positive.

The short-term idea is to renew the collections along the lines defined by González de Rivera as “fresh, with very bright colors and maximum quality with 100% cotton” and to add new occasions. Once the brand is consolidated, the next step would be to diversify and expand the product. “We’re aiming for a grade,” warns Noisno Brand’s CMO.

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