The study Government and public sector trendsprepared by ICEMD, identifies six changes that the public sector must face in order to adapt to the current situation.

more digitization

Having overcome the digitization phase to streamline information and procedures with citizens, now is the time to reallocate resources. For example, to become more efficient in waste management. Or to pay for public transport. They will also need applications and technologies to help them innovate security forces, especially in airports.


It is a need imposed by citizens who are demanding more efficient, worker-style public institutions in less accountable and transparent neighborhoods today. The principle of transparency implies that citizens can freely access all online data held by public bodies in order to use them in different ways. According to ICEMD, this will encourage innovation and the creation of new services, in addition to improving existing ones.

new economy

It’s a trend that involves the creation of facilities by governments to allow entrepreneurs to re-manage their work on the model of the so-called gig economy, or the economy of small jobs: consuming services in a timely manner, by Uber. Also around the new economy, public institutions will create new incentives for ecological causes and help non-profit associations to become stronger by providing them with resources that go beyond a mere subsidy.

the green age

The ecological boom in food, construction, consumption and fashion is also reaching the public sector, which must adapt to citizens demanding a more sustainable world where health and the common good are paramount. In this sense, public bodies must reduce tariffs, for example to encourage the use of electric cars, or set up free Wi-Fi zones in the least polluted parts of the city.

promoting innovation

Both the promotion of innovation in the public sector and the creation of structures to support private organizations in their innovation processes are considered.

the wise citizen

Today’s citizens are demanding more active participation in all aspects. This creates a trend towards co-production, which not only achieves greater satisfaction but also reduces costs. Therefore, there is a need for platforms that improve participatory decision-making open data or online advice.


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