Since prevent foundation, an expert panel on the integration of people with disabilities into the labor market, confirmed that self-employment and entrepreneurship could improve the lives of people with disabilities. So in 2014 they decided to devote the best resources to make it happen. The foundation currently offers three programs specifically designed to support and guide people with disabilities in starting their own business.

learn and do

Hand in hand with business school ESADEoffer a Training and support program, for starting a business idea. This free training and support programme, taught face-to-face in Barcelona and Madrid, is aimed at entrepreneurs with disabilities who want to start a business idea and also encourages start-up initiatives. The 100% scholarship-based program (estimated total cost per student: 6,000 euros) offers entrepreneurship training, the assignment of a tutor for each participant, fully accessible content, rooms and sessions, and financial support for project launches.

Join the program this year Ship2B as a strategic partner in social influencewith the aim of promoting initiatives or business ideas with a social impact in the field of disability led by people with or without disabilities.

The Powernauts Accelerator

The Fundación Prevent was founded last year powernauts, the first accelerator in Spain dedicated to projects led by people with disabilities. Born with a 360º vision, Powernauts works in an integrated and transversal way on the development of three pillars: business, personal development and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For six months, the entrepreneur is supported by specialists in strategy, communication, sales and finance, who are absolutely committed to the success of their company, working side by side with and accompanying each entrepreneur project manager by Prevent, experts in disability management.

The goal of this program is to provide the resources to accelerate your business so people can keep moving forward and making a living, which is every entrepreneur’s desire.

alumni program

This is available to anyone who has participated in a foundation program alumni program: a network for entrepreneurship.

The program allows people with disabilities who run businesses to keep their education up to date, continue to receive expert advice, and continue to find opportunities Networking with the rest of the participants.

Through these three programs, Fundación Prevent accompanies and supports entrepreneurial initiatives in each of their development and maturity phases.

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