Jeff Bezos' concerns about giving up Amazon stock

In mid-2021, Amazon is a global giant. In 2020 the company was founded by jeff bezos reached 1.3 million workers worldwide, a stratospheric figure that shows the enormous structure of the leader in e-commerce. Moreover, these numbers continue to grow after arrival Andy Jessica to the position of CEO and the company plans to reach 25,000 permanent employees in Spain by 2025.

But it wasn’t always like that. In the beginning, Jeff Bezos himself was responsible for conducting the selection process. And, how could it be otherwise, the ability to solve problems and break down complicated processes into simpler tasks were some of the most important skills a candidate stood out for.

Just a few days ago, a former Amazon employee remembered in an article the riddle that Jeff Bezos surprised him with in the final interview to get into the position of junior assistant. “He started the interview by promising that he would only ask two questions and the first would be a ‘fun’ riddle,” he recalls. Ann Hiattwho joined the company in 2002.

So Jeff Bezos asked Hiatt to calculate the number of windows in the city of Seattle. He wants to see how my mind works, I told myself. He wants me to break down a complicated problem into small, manageable steps. I can do that,” the former Amazon employee recalls.

Estimating the city’s population at one million, the candidate told Jeff Bezos that everyone would have a school, a house, buy from a store, get around the city by car or taxi… “We all analyzed the scenarios, Groups, anomalies, and possible explanations for these exceptions. I felt like I could talk for hours while Bezos filled the board with numbers.”

After doing the math, the Amazon founder moved on to the second and final question: What are your professional goals? “I explained that I had no idea how to be an assistant, but I knew the importance of constantly being outside of my comfort zone.” Hiatt’s response served as Jeff Bezos’ bet on his immediate hiring.

The 3 questions Jeff Bezos instilled in his HR team

As the company continued to grow, Jeff Bezos stepped down from leading Amazon’s recruiting processes. However, he left guidelines for his human resources team to make hiring decisions based on three questions.

Will I be able to admire this person? Jeff Bezos believes only professionals he can admire in the future are worth working at Amazon. That’s why the e-commerce giant’s interviewers are looking for people with leadership skills, diplomacy in times of crisis, and confidence.

Will the candidate increase the effectiveness of the section? In this case, Jeff Bezos identifies this problem as a key to improving the quality of all departments, an entrepreneur’s obsession. For this reason, Amazon is looking for employees who can provide medium and long-term solutions for the company.

Where could the candidate be a star? Distinguishing whether a candidate’s talent could become critical to the company’s future in a department is Jeff Bezo’s final key to hiring. In this sense, the entrepreneur believes that managing this type of worker can sometimes be difficult, but that their personal value is crucial to continue growing as a company.

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