The rental business marks the summer of 2021: swimming pools, caravans, terraces...

Renting out space has become a summer business. Swimming pools, terraces, mobile homes, gardens … The possibilities are many, although all are successful due to a sharp increase in demand. In this context, many owners earn a good additional salary by renting out their property by the hour or by the day.

One of the fastest growing markets is private pool rentalwhich was already an extremely profitable business in 2020. Using an Airbnb-style application, owners rent out their homes’ pools by the hour for a fee up to 15 euros per person for half a day. This formula wins out in cities where the summer heat is becoming unbearable for their residents.

The success of this business has led the owners to go a step further and offer to enjoy the pool at night or even offer their places in the communal pool. However, this last option can cause problems between neighbors, so it would be convenient to get their approval – or do it together – before posting an offer.

But pools aren’t the only amenity available for hourly rentals. The large open spaces such as private home gardenshave also become a business that can be used in the summer of 2021. In this case, customers are looking for a space near or within their city, with barbecue, tennis courts… In short, a place that allows you to enjoy the comfort of a country house without having to pay for the sleep.

Also the Penthouse terraces located in the center of cities can become a summer shop. They are usually requested by groups of young people who want to pamper themselves and enjoy a barbecue overlooking the most emblematic places in the city, and they have prices from 35 to 60 euros per hour, as explained by El País.

Furniture and mobile home rentals are also a very profitable business this summer

For most nomads who RV Rental it has also seen more than interesting growth over the past year, up to 30%. In this market, the opportunities to do business are many: you can Rent your mobile home if you have one, but also to specialize and start a business in the sector, such as Interior furniture design or sell kits so that the owners of a caravan can accommodate it alone.

As a seasonally adjusted trend – regardless of the summer season – furniture rental has also developed into a very profitable business in 2021. Proof of this is the latest branch of IKEAwho created one marketplace is aimed at companies that want to rent office furniture for teleworkers.

The initiative was a resounding success in the first few weeks of its existence and has attracted the attention of those looking to make some extra money from a business. In that sense, they already exist applications specialized in the Rental of products between private individualswhere almost everything fits: patio furniture for the summer, a TV to enjoy the European Championships, a portable cooler for the beach… The possibilities are almost endless.

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