Much is said about motivation and compensation systems and little about the specific effects and attitudes that they bring with them. Some think that setting general goals is the end of it, when in reality one needs to consider what kind of attitudes are being encouraged in employees.

wrong strategies

For example: “When a bonus is given for short-term sales, good results are obtained in the short term, but at a disadvantage in the medium term, and instead of getting a more profitable company, we dug our own grave,” says Paco Muro in the modified edition of The great secret of motivation, (Michael Lebouf. Ed. Active Company). In order not to make a mistake, Muro advises the reward:

– Solid solutions instead of emergency hacks.

– Courage instead of exaggerated caution.

– Creativity and innovation instead of conformity.

– Decisive action instead of analysis paralysis.

– Clever work instead of apparent diligence.

– Simplification instead of unnecessary complication.

– And cooperation in a team instead of against each other.