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Data analysis tools have become key elements for marketing and Business Intelligence, as they help us gather important information from our customers to make better business decisions. The good news is that a majority of these tools reside in the cloud and are easily accessible in a monthly subscription format at modest prices.

If you want to work with these momentum levers for your business, it helps you to know the section that has been done Crehana to separate the grain from the chaff. These are the seven best analytics tools for your business:

PowerBI. Workers with little experience in this field will find this Microsoft tool very easy to use. It is designed for team collaboration and offers a wide range of templates and different display options. In addition, you can create interactive charts and graphs based on each company’s data. Its main advantages also include the possibility of integrating users into their applications, that it provides real-time reports and dashboards, that the IT team can manage its systems autonomously and that it has an excellent graphical extraction environment. , transformation and loading of information. It is a multi-device platform that allows integration with the Office 365 suite and with the service machine learning from Azure and performs automatic analysis of information offering correlations, outliers and data groupings.

Blackboard. One of the leading data analysis software and also acts as a comprehensive cloud-based analysis solution. The strength of this tool is the Excel Pivot Table and Pivot Chart. The design, color and interface give a simple and fresh feel. It is designed to help the user make better decisions about the most efficient way to extract and communicate meaning from data.

gecko board. A program that will allow us to optimize the data in spreadsheets and databases, while making presentations clearer and easier. Real-time metrics are easy to see and understand, so teams can instantly see the impact of their sales. It has more than 60 resources and is very easy to create dashboard. In addition, we can filter the data to display exactly what we are looking for and the interface is very intuitive.

Qlik. It is a tool used by more than 50,000 clients around the world that allows you to find unique business opportunities in the online market Business Intelligence. This platform offers its users unique data discoveries through a global data search, allows us to import data from sources such as Salesforce, Teradata and Hive, and gives us full control over our data to create reports and export them to easy-to-use software such as those built into Microsoft Office.

Dundas BI.It’s a tool by Business Intelligence flexible that allows users to connect to multiple data sources in real-time. It’s the perfect program when we’re most interested in presenting data for the different areas of our business. The advantages include excellent organization and presentation in tables, charts and data charts, the ability to create your own reports using only the KPIs that interest us, and a good user experience on desktop, iPad and mobile devices.

Cyfe. It’s perfect if we want a digital strategy to sell online, since it’s a tool to analyze and process business data by connecting it to different sources. With it we can monitor, adjust all metrics of our digital channels in a single panel widgets and import files in CVS format, store our historical data in the system and extract data from different sources to see the behavior of the sales as it is a tool.all in one app“.

Grow. With this tool, you can easily import and transform data from multiple sources to feed metrics and the dashboard. Any business user can intuitively create metrics, filter, slice and explore different types of charts while navigating through the data. Therefore, Grow is a very good tool for sales strategy. In addition, you can see how long it takes to accelerate a company’s growth, review data history to measure growth and review sales behavior, set a timer for data refresh frequency, and add an executive dashboard that you have need visual summary of financial, operational and sales data.

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