On December 15th we celebrated a new edition of the CASA SEAT Entrepreneurs’ Meetings in an absolutely Christmas atmosphere thanks to the magical setting created and designed by the master Christian writes for CASA SEAT. This meeting was the last edition of 2021 by monthly appointments aimed at assessing the ability of the business, social, cultural and scientific world to bring new perspectives that serve to change things and move forward. They are very special meetings that aim to bring together the most important representatives of the world of entrepreneurship, culture and society to discuss and exchange their experiences and opinions on a given topic in an environment as different as that of CASA SEAT in the emblematic building that the automobile company has at the confluence of Paseo de Gracia and Avenida Diagonal.

After a private tour of the building Lydia Filgairaresponsible for marketing and communication at CASA SEAT, the debate was held under the title The skills of the new decade. The colloquium was moderated on this occasion by Gabriele PalmaManaging Director of HEADQUARTERSand Alejandro Vesga, CEO of Emprendedores SL.

The participants were Eric Mayol, CEO and Founder of Eureka Kids; Albrecht Bosch, CEO and founder of Housfy; peter rubies, CEO and co-founder of GrowPro Experience; Sandra ArevaloCEO of Wisar.pro; Francesca GabettiCEO and co-founder of TeamEQ; Angel Puigmanager of the SmartBaby Foundation; Sarah SerantesCEO and co-founder of Freshperts, and Elena Trias de Bes, Founder and CEO of Wonderkids.app.

Nobody doubts that the 1920s of this 21st century started in the craziest way imaginable. The cruel pandemic that confined the planet continues to mark the social and economic pace of humanity in this year 2021 ending and promising to remain present in 2022. In these times we have also witnessed natural disasters that have affected the economy and are also affecting lives of various regional areas. And we’ve seen unprecedented digital acceleration, on top of a paradigm shift in working with remote working that was unthinkable two years ago. All of these changes require a range of personal and professional skills to improve. Do we know what they are? Are organizations ready to promote them? And the entrepreneurs?

The end of face to face

“The pandemic has upgraded all the tools that already existed to work remotely and has shown that the face-to-face work so vaunted in this country is not necessary. However, Now we need to achieve more humane management of remote teams and implement other ways of working, such as B. working according to goals or making work cooperation more flexible.”explained Sandra Arévalo, CEO and founder of Wisar.pro, platform that connects experts and freelance talents with companies and clients around the world; Innovation specialist investor and co-founder of Women Angels For STEAM (WA4STEAM).

The soft skills

“Right now, soft skills are more important than ever. However, much emphasis is placed on training the entrepreneur to create a business plan or canvas What about soft skills like resilience? Those are the ones that will ultimately make him a better entrepreneur and a better person.”stressed Ángel Puig, serial entrepreneur and since 2020 online manager of the Smart Group and manager of smart babyspecializing in child road safety.


One of the keys to the new times is that “constant change has reached breakneck speed. There are more and more things, faster and more active. This is the challenge that current CEOs faceProvide managers or middle managers with soft skills so that they can cope with the change in skills that the new era requires. In the end, self-motivation is fundamental.”emphasizes Pere Rubies, CEO of GrowPro experiencea company specializing in serving students and outsourced workers at their destination.


The ability to adapt, which has always been important, is now proving crucial to face the new times. “In two years, online sales of yourkakids they have gone from 10% of sales to 40%. That’s why we’ve developed dropshipping to share online sales with franchises. In return they have to wrap the packages and some have refused because They don’t understand the evolution to online or digital retail. That means missing the train of the future.” denounced Erik Mayol, CEO and co-founder along with his wife, martha roger, by Eurekakids, the chain of educational and ethical toy stores that already has 180 stores.

tax havens for work

For Albert Bosch, CEO and founder of housfi, Proptech with more than 200 employees and that aims to have more than 400 by the end of 2022″,We are at the best moment to innovate because the economy is changing: There are new players, family habits are changing and we have people who cannot work. We’re moving a bit toward labor tax havens: that is, cities struggling to attract the best talent based on tax exemptions for high salaries. At the moment in the IT sector you have to ask for workers to go with you. Y To attract and retain talent, you need to provide flexibility and find a way for employees to feel the project is theirs.

The importance of commitment

Now, as Sara Serantes, CEO and co-founder of freshlingsa group of delivery restaurants with six restaurants that can be combined in the same order, “Commitment is not something you can judge in a job interview. It depends on the satisfaction with the leader and his ability to convince his team and the value he can offer to the worker. Nowadays, the employee wants to feel valued and to have a career”.

managing uncertainty

But if these times have brought anything, it is the uncertainty that inevitably forces us to deal with it: “We used to be used to planning everything and now we have to accept that Uncertainty overwhelms us and we need to know how to deal with frustration and understand that there are many things that you cannot handle the way you have been. The world is spinning much faster than we ever imagined and we have to get used to thinking about the present and losing touch with the future,” said Francesca Gabetti, CEO and Founder of TeamEQ, HR solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve team engagement.

With an entrepreneurial spirit

Today, as Elena Trías de Bes, CEO and Founder of wonderkids.app, Application for family planning, “the Innovation is omnipresent, but has a lot to do with the attitude of the individual and the company. It is necessary to adapt and be flexible to also promote the intrapreneurial spirit within the organization.”

After the colloquium, the event ended with lunch Amettler Origin Mercat d’Autoren is located in the facilities of CASA SEAT.

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