The Spaniard who can outshine Linkedin

My public inbox It is a network of professional contacts where everyone can access the personal mail of top-class professionals such as Chema Alonso, Telefónica’s CDCO and one of the partners. For a small payment to avoid message overload.

Beatrice Cerrolaza explains: “The idea came about because we saw that there are many people who are highly exposed on networks and receive between 50 and 100 emails a day. An atrocity. And on the other hand, I’m in a very specific segment with Alise Device (their anti-counterfeiting technology start-up), very confidential and very hermetic. And I saw that hardly anyone who was in my business plan was present on Linkedin. And those who are, very few reply to you when you write to them.”

Because of these two failures in the digital network market, they decide to set up MyPublicInbox. “A platform on which paid messages are sent. People pay for your time and knowledge. And each person sets the price they want to charge for replying to those messages. This is the main difference to Linkedin. That in MyPublicInbox you don’t pay to be premium, you pay to be a premium profile (we call them public profiles). And another peculiarity is that not everyone can have a public profile here. Few can be. Also, we want it to be an essential place for professionals who want to connect with people they don’t know and find new opportunities. That there, in a simple and inexpensive way, they have their own personal page and receive professional suggestions filtered and without avalanches. And on the other hand, a very useful place for all those people who want to contact a relevant public profile and can send a message to their personal email for the price of a coffee.”

Optimize communication

Another “weakness” of Linkedin that they try to avoid is the fact that many people are unaware of the messages they receive. And it can take a long time for them to reply. Or not. To encourage responses, they created a gamification dynamic: if you respond within 5 days, you will receive a reward in the form of points that can be exchanged for money. “The center of all this is public profiles. They are the ones who take most of the income. We only have a small margin. To facilitate collection and payment, we have created a virtual currency that we call Tempo: 100 Tempos are one euro. Typically, public profiles charge 300 times per query, but again, each profile decides how much they want to charge as the fee acts as a filter to avoid spam,” comments Cerrolaza.

Right now they have 300 public profiles: dieticians, nutritionists, lawyers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and all kinds of professionals filtered by themselves. “The goal is to have a lot of good public profiles. With them the rest comes alone. Commenting and posting for other people to comment is not encouraged on the public part. It’s less the showcase part and more the agenda part. We want it to be very easy in the near future to search for reference profiles in artificial intelligence, big data, humor or any other category. And we’re developing other tools to turn it into a personal marketplace: forms for conferences, book promotions, selling one-off copies signed by the author, or photos for commercial use…” says the CEO of MyPublicInbox. “What we guarantee is that you will not receive any advertising.”