Outside of major European cities start Ole It is the largest event for startups that the continent has produced. Startup Olé has been taking place in the fabulous buildings of the University of Salamanca in the historic center of Salamanca since 2015 and has an enormous network and investment capacity that to date has attracted more than 1,500 innovative international companies looking for financing. An example of this is Caixa Capital’s recent investment in Foodthe amount of which has not been disclosed, but which, as has become known, will allow the startup to make investments and orders worth 50 million euros.

“Startup Olé is primarily aimed at Ecosystem Builders (the professionals of the ecosystem), represented together with the startups, by the more than 250 investors and corporations from more than 120 countries who have taken part in the event so far”, says Emilio CorchadoCEO of the startup Olé.

Corchado, a native of Zamora, emphasizes that organizing the event in Salamanca is part of the added value that Startup Olé offers Ecosystem Builders: “CEOs, CIOs, heads of innovation, etc., when attending an event of this type in one of the major European cities, have meetings planned from the moment they arrive until they leave. In our case, your stay is exclusively dedicated to the event, you have no other commitments. You can relax and enjoy networking in an environment as inspiring as the university and the city of Salamanca.”

Startup Olé prides itself on being an open event that contributes to the democratization of the ecosystem. Admission has always been free, and for a ridiculous price, startups can have their own booth and virtually unlimited access to other attendees at the event. “We emphasize that members of universities, communication departments or public administrations can easily contact the companies and investment companies participating in the event,” explains Corchado.

This is due to Startup Olé’s complete focus on networking at the highest level: “This is where the CEOs of companies like BQ or Enagás come from,” explains Corchado. “It’s a profile whose expectations are very, very high and there is no doubt that we meet them because they repeat themselves.” His Majesty the King is indeed Honorary President of Startup Olé’s Advisory Committee and hosted the event in of the 2018 edition together with the President of the Republic of Portugal. In 2019, the Prime Minister attended the inauguration, and the presence of international leaders is no longer a novelty.

mixed edition

Faced with the impossibility of repeating the experience that the event offered to the participants when there were no restrictions due to health reasons, Corchado has decided to return in 2020 as strong as ever with a mixed edition of the event (mixed edition). That Ecosystem Builders You will still have the privilege of attending the event in person and taking all necessary health precautions. Admission is free for the other participants online.

To ensure that this edition is as successful as the previous ones, Startup Olé has engaged the services of adventure, whose technology enables event attendees to easily identify which attendees are of interest to them and schedule meetings with them. It’s a tool that enhances both the online and in-person experience. “We will continue to add innovative tools and services as needed to maintain our level of quality,” says Corchado.

Beyond the Spanish territory, Startup Olé has expanded the borders and has become the largest European event to take place in Latin America. Thanks to its excellent relationships with governments and administrations, Corchado has taken the event to countries such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina with the support of Iberoamerican General Secretariat. Corchado has also received the support of the European Parliamentthat European Commissionthat European Innovation Council and other public or private entities that contribute to the funding of the event.

“We’re not for-profit,” explains Corchado. “We work with USAL university students and we have 300 volunteers at the university who make Startup Olé possible. We’re not the event for great designs and beautiful lights, we’re the democratizing event in the industry, with the most open and high-quality networking.”