Since the production is entirely manual, all shoes are from jondo can be customized. The customer has the possibility to design them by choosing the type of leather, the soles, the colors, the lasts and all other components. You can do all this from your sofa at home and from anywhere in the world, since they have an application that allows you to order custom-made shoes with just three photos of your foot. “Our technology creates a 3D shape of the user,” they explain. Eugenio Saiz Y Alvaro SasiambarrenaFounder of the company and childhood friends.

Upon investigating ADE, they discovered a gap in the shoe market. “There were good quality clothes at a good price, but for shoes there was a big gap between price and quality. The design was also no longer up-to-date. So, at the age of 22, they began their entrepreneurial adventure. Gradually and without investment, they started making loose pairs, which they later presented in small samplers. As they sold, they reinvested to produce more and expand the size of the sampler, which over time became a pop-up. That’s how they financed themselves. They were most scared when they went from 100 to 1,600 orders in 20 days. Not being ready to deliver, they joined themselves as operators at the factory for two months, with shifts of up to 16 hours. They also remember the rides with the pole loaded with shoes coming out of the windows and more than once leading to a warning from the traffic cops.

“When we were growing up, we looked for a place. We were very clear about what area we wanted it to be in for our type of audience. In the beginning we started sharing the space with other brands and in the end it was just ours.” They are referring to the spectacular store they opened on Calle Velázquez in Madrid, which they combine with online sales. It was then that they first enlisted the help of investors, money that they also used to increase the workforce, which now numbers a dozen people.

To date, they reckon that they have “invested around 250,000 euros but have quadrupled their turnover since they were born in 2013. The forecast for 2017 is: “Invoice 2 million euros”. In addition to selling online and in store, they create collections for “very selective outlets” and have had very popular personalities wearing their models.

Replica in the USA

Jonndo has another brand in the US: Quero shoes . “There we work together with a partner who looks after the entire American market. Qüero’s concept is the same as Jonndo’s: high quality shoes, handmade in Spain. Customizable and with very high quality raw material”.

In their commitment to innovation, they say they allocate 10% of their sales to developing “our unique technology and researching new processes”. Each time they seem to be getting closer to fulfilling their dream: “to become a reference brand”, a merit that organizations such as e.g Deloitte where they came out as finalists in the #Startupsfight competition.

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