This time is the big event for students, ESIC generationcould be developed personally in Madrid, although it was also followed via streaming by all the students who are part of the rest of the campus ESIC University as well as the thousands of students from around the world who have left their classrooms.

It’s an event that has become increasingly relevant over the years, less in terms of popularity than necessity. In a changing environment, where technology encourages the emergence of previously unknown professions every year, the decision to study to combine a profession that fits the job market is becoming more and more complex.

This is the uncertainty young people are currently facing, a fact that justifies events like ESIC.

The opportunity to write a new book

“Currently there is talk of uncertainty, that nothing is certain, that it is not what it used to be, how much our society has changed. Let me tell you one thing: nothing is certain, far from being a problem, it’s quite an advantage,” he assured. Eduardo Gomez MartinPresident of ESIC, at the opening of the day.

In his speech to the youth, Gómez Martín continued by reflecting that “those of my generation, your parents’ generation, were born into a world where everything was very ‘safe’. They told us what to do, how to behave, what steps to follow to achieve the expected success, but as you see today, in the world we find ourselves in, that might not have been the best Recipe “.

For Gómez Martín, given this context, the current generation of pre-university students is characterized, among other things, by insecurity the most prepared generation, the one that will build the new world and despite the dizziness of not having anything specific, in short: the protagonists of a paradigm shift.

“And although everything has yet to be written and the new professions of the future to be determined, I will tell you that everything will be possible as long as you continue to build, create and imagine a new world from the soul. You have one of the best qualities for it and it has born you into the present time: the ability to adapt to change during these non-writing times”underlined Gómez Martín at the end of his speech.

What worries university students most

during the meeting, Christian Palazzi, Playground Social Impact Director and Jaime MassoCorporate Director of Communication at ESIC, shared the main conclusions of the study with the participants The future is now. It is a macro survey conducted across the Millennial and Z generations in Spain, coordinated and directed by the sociologist Liliana Arroyo and for which it has solicited the opinions of 13,587 young people.

It puts the most important current concerns of young Spaniards on the table. From this it can be concluded that 93% of those surveyed believe that job offers for young people between 18 and 25 are scarce and of poor quality. Housing is another top concern, cited by one in three respondents.

Although education is the thirteenth most important concern, when asked how the problems in Spain could best be addressed, 93% said the current public education system needs to be improved to adapt it to their future needs.

Alex PuigCEO and co-founder of Vice

common experiences

The ESIC Generation event was also attended by various professionals who, not so long ago, found themselves in the same situation as the young pre-university students of 2022.

With them they shared their experiences that stretched back to the moment when they had to choose the path for the future. Among the participants were Rodrigo Gonzalez LamaCountry Sales Director Spotify Spain who encouraged attendees to “connect” with their future.

For his part Javier Garcia Gallo, CEO of influencer agency Soy Olivia Media Group and Alexandra Arenillas, “You always have to study and continue your education,” emphasized his operations manager. “And when you decide, choose something that you want to develop, but without limiting yourself to it,” advised García Gallo. “You always have to do something you enjoy, but use everything around you because it leads you to what you enjoy the most,” Arenillas pointed out.

he the entrepreneur Alex Puig, CEO and co-founder of Vicio, appealed for perseverance, passion and patience for those who ultimately choose the path of entrepreneurship. “I never had it, but good things take time, you have to be patient,” he said and also warned of the probability of failure, “that we have to consider theoretical lessons very quickly.”

b boy xak, three-time national champion break dance was another speaker. His experience is leaving the legal profession and taking the plunge into burglary to the surprise of everyone around him. Therefore, his recommendation for young people is to do what makes them happy and fun. “Think of things you like. Imagine spending a lifetime doing something that doesn’t make you happy,” he said. In his opinion, along with self-confidence, these are the most important keys when choosing the future.

We leave you the link to the video of the event in case you want to see it in full

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