Wrapped in a white bathrobe, as if they had just taken a shower, part of the organizing team of the IV edition of the zinc shower appeared in one of the Utopian-we, father of the original idea of ​​the event. Were in the presentation Maria Marcoprogram director, Tono CabanelasCurator for fashion and visual and digital arts industry, Alejandro EscohotadoCEO of Platform Spain and Shower repeat offenders and Angel Maria HerreraLeading the organization this year and poised to give a radical twist to an event that was already setting a pretty high bar.

under the motto less is more They will reduce the number of speakers from 300 to 100 because, according to the CEO, “it is important that those who need to be there are there”. The ultimate goal is to mark a before and after in a zinc shower aimed at transforming the speakers and their ways of presentation, the projects and their social impact, and the mental schemas of all participants. “We will transform COAM into a space where ideas have the opportunity to transform society,” says Herrera.

formal changes

Of particular note in this area is the change in Zinc Shower’s headquarters, moving from the Matadero in Madrid to the COAM (Official College of Architects of Madrid), with an area of ​​12,000 m2 distributed over four floors and a garden terrace “which will offer a lot of space”. The days of celebration will be the days May 19th and 20th, Thursday and Friday instead of the traditional Friday and Saturday. The event also gets a hiking character Zinc shower for on the go That will roll the meeting through other cities like Barcelona, ​​​​​​Valencia or communities like La Rioja or Andalusia. To the organizing team, which also includes Arantxa AlvizDigital Marketing Expert, and Pigeon VargasCommunicator, adds collaboration from ten commissionersanother new person who will coordinate activities in different areas of entrepreneurship.

Major Changes

But beyond the external configuration, the regeneration that the new team intends is essential. They said they were inspired by the sociologist Zygmunt Baumanthe political analyst Jan Bremer and the architect Markus Novack, all exponents of the challenge of categorization and lovers of the flexible and eclectic. The career of Ángel María Herrera also served as an example of what is meant by professional and personal transformation. Computer engineer for large consulting firms decides in 2005 to “take the reins and become the owner of my life”. Then he begins to act. He founded Bubok, a platform for self-published books, later joined the founding of the Initiator Foundation for entrepreneurs, and finally started the Samastah project to contribute to personal improvement. And if he has now taken over the management of Zinc Shower, it is not to get involved in a numbers battle, but “because the opportunity presented itself and I found it to be an exciting and very fun challenge”.

build the future

Eclectic was also the career of curator Toño Cabanelas, who combined his stay at Apple with finding opportunities in the mix of disciplines and the play of opposites, how art and creativity were conceived in relation to science and technology. He’s now a professor at the European Institute of Design, CEO of Bermuda Land, and enjoys diving into content development “in case the virtual reality tsunami hits.” His goal with the Zinc Shower 2016 is to “create the framework so that the fashion and art industries can also contribute together to change the future”.

Projects with ideals

To be part of the meeting show, Zinc Shower is looking for innovative and creative projects. Alejandro Escohotado contributed the vision as a participant in two previous editions, an event he defended “because it is not limited to bringing together a coalition of entrepreneurs, but rather there are ideals behind it, an essence of desire to transform society and such Influencing them to keep it better than what it was, and that’s cool.”

Also as a novelty, this edition will not filter the projects by the business history of the teams, but will allow until March 15th, all those ideas that are accompanied by your business plan or projects that are both in the seed phase and in the development phase. Those selected will receive a day of professional training at the Rafael del Pino Foundation and will have the opportunity to defend and present the projects during the days of the event, to promote themselves and to expand their portfolio of contacts and potential customers and/or investors.

Projects can be submitted via this link: http://zincshower.com/call/

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