change jobs

Last year’s health crisis had a significant impact on the labor market, the fabric of business and understanding of the world. Rather, a loss of commitment to the corporate culture can be observed. In this sense, the existing job insecurity and lack of motivation show that one in four Spaniards is dissatisfied with their current employment situation and wants to change jobs, according to the latest surveys by the Infojobs portal.

Working in one of the fastest growing fields Eisenhack Digital Talent College analyzed 5 factors that suggest it’s time to change career direction:

1. Stress, irritability and fatigue

If you don’t feel comfortable in a workplace or don’t like what you’re doing, the psychological effects are immediately visible. This has been improved by teleworking due to the lack of digital separation. The latest Cigna study shows that 74% of Spaniards are unable to switch off, so their levels of tiredness and irritability have increased. The feeling of constant stress can disrupt a person’s peace of mind. This factor is even more noticeable when the employee suffers from insomnia or getting up for another day at work becomes an immense effort.

2. Time does not pass

Checking the clock every now and then is not a good sign. If the worker spends the day counting down the minutes to the end of the day, he is not using the time to do his job efficiently. And when work becomes boring or it is impossible to advance within the company, it’s time to look for a new challenge that is more attractive and more related to the person’s interests. According to a report by agency Robert Half, 64% of respondents said they benefit from “job hopping” (changing jobs every 3 or 4 years) and for 75% of workers under the age of 34 it is the key to career advancement.

3. Work becomes a taboo subject

Talking about work with friends and family is not an option for those who are not doing what they like or want because there are more interesting topics to discuss. As work takes up a large part of people’s lives, the 30% estimated by Sodexo, it becomes normal to talk about it and when the topic is avoided or causes frustration, it’s time for a change.

4. Not feeling identified with the company’s values

Working in a company they don’t feel identified with on a personal level can be a handicap, as it’s difficult to represent well a project that doesn’t define us. This leads to discrediting of the work and even the team and is another sign that it is time for a change. When looking for a job, it is important that the employee feels comfortable with the values ​​that define the company.

5. Lack of opportunities and low wages

Sometimes the problem isn’t that the job you’ve chosen isn’t what you initially imagined, but that you don’t have good job opportunities in that field. That’s why many professionals are trying to break new ground. In fact, 48% of those in work plan to improve their education in order to have new job opportunities.