Peloton is one of the fastest growing companies in the US

Peloton: the business that sells exercise bikes for 2,000 euros

They have lifted the lockdown as an alternative to closing gyms. Based in New York City, train It offers, among its main products, the sale of stationary bikes from €2,000, treadmills from €4,000 and an application that costs €39 per month. Founded in 2012 with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, the company is seen as one of the big winners of the pandemic, announcing 66% and 30% growth in terms of its app membership. The company debuted on the Nasdaq last year, despite suffering a series of stock market stumbles. Among other things, because of an advertising campaign denounced as sexist. The company has also been accused by a group of music publishers of including certain songs in their videos without permission.

Beyond burgers

Beyond Meat: vegan burgers

It is said that among the shareholders of Beyond meat they find each other Bill Gateslegendary entrepreneur and investor as well as actor and Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a company founded by Ethan Brown based in Los Angeles, specializing in the production of vegan food for the meat industry. His is the hamburger brand Beyon Burger, 100% vegan and the most successful in the world in its category.

It ranks as one of the fastest growing companies in the food sector in the US, despite facing stiff competition Impossible Foods. However, as the company reports, revenue for the first three months of the year reached $97.1 million, up 141% from the $40.2 million for the same period last year.

Founder of CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike: Cyber ​​Security

CrowdStrike debuted on Nasdaq in 2019. George Kurtz, CrowdStrike co-founder and CEO said in a statement the same day that the IPO was “an important milestone” and that they hope to “continue to outperform cybercriminals to protect our global customers.” It appears that this has been the case and that the pandemic, a breeding ground for cybercrime, has allowed them to continue growing worldwide. CrowdStrike is a skyrocketing cybersecurity company that companies like Google have invested in and has managed to position itself in the top 10 best cybersecurity companies in the world.

CrowdStrike is credited with managing to prove in less than 48 hours that North Korea was behind a 2016 Sony cyberattack. Other credits include the discovery of Russian hackers on the servers of the United States Democratic National Committee. The company has just entered the identity security market.

Lemonade: Online insurance for homes and renters

The American startup is of Israeli origin lemonade is an online home and renters insurance provider and New York-based insurer that is defined as “the company that makes insurance easy.” This application appeals to the digital generation and caused a sensation: more than 2,000 policies were taken out in the first 100 days after market launch.

The start-up specializing in the insurtech sector with artificial intelligence was born in 2015 from the hands of Daniel Schreiber Y Shay Wininger, who usually justify the company’s success by saying that they are aware of the lack of honesty many customers have towards their insurers. So they decided to start an insurer that would take 20% of the premiums as a fee and reward customers who make fewer claims. The startup also has an application that allows users to purchase insurance in less than 5 minutes. It is currently running as one of the most promising technology startups in the US.

Pexip: Communication via video call

pexip It has been one of the great solutions, alongside Zoom, to communicate based on a corporate video calling system during the pandemic. The Norwegian-originated company has been growing steadily, posting a 50% increase in the first quarter of the year, despite making less noise than Zoom, its main competitor created by Eric Yuanformer Vice President of Cisco Webex.

tick tock

Bytedance: the startup behind TikTok

byte dance is the owner of TikTok, which is currently valued at around $140 billion. It is a Beijing-based internet technology company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. Despite its undeniable success in the US market — on Aug. 2, Microsoft announced its intention to acquire TikTok — the company maintains a contentious relationship with authorities, a controversy spearheaded by President Donald Trump, who came to help US citizens to ban the download of the application from the Google and Apple stores, a measure that has not yet come into force, with the United States still being the country with the most downloads of the Chinese application.

Slack: the most used online tool for teamwork

relaxed , the most widely used communication tool for teamwork, has made the leap from the startup world to the mass market thanks to teleworking. Though there has been a minor hiccup during the pandemic, the remote work platform announced revenue of $215.9 million in the second quarter of its fiscal 2020. This represents an increase of 49% compared to the same period last year, but it has not been able to stop the entire global teleworking boom due to a clash with Microsoft, which was denounced last July for monopolistic practices and for imposing the use of the Teams video calling application to use. As Slacks continues to grow as a company, its stock has faltered.

Aurora Innovation: Supporting the Autonomous Auto Industry

Aurora innovation is a company founded in 2016 by former employees of Google, Uber and Tesla that is developing a self-driving system that it hopes to one day sell to truck and car companies. Investors include Amazon, Sequoia Capital, and T. Rowe Price Group Inc, giving this small startup a value of $2.5 billion.

Aurora Innovation will not be dedicated to manufacturing autonomous cars, only the platform by developing and designing the necessary software, hardware and data services to support a variety of automakers and private and public transportation services.

The Clorox Company: cleaning and disinfection

Founder of the Clorox Company

There can’t be a better time for this The Clorox company than the current one. The US company specializing in the sale of cleaning and disinfection products on November 2 reported revenue growth of 27% “and a 103% increase in diluted net earnings per share for the first quarter of fiscal 2021 ended September 30, 2020

According to the company’s CEO Linda Redle“In a time of global uncertainty, these results speak to the strength of our brands and the passion of our people committed to meeting the needs of consumers around the world.”

ClimaCell: platform for weather information

Founded by Shimon Elkabetz (Chairman), King Goffer and Itai Zlotnik, climate cell It is presented as an all-in-one weather information platform. It is a weather app that offers super accurate forecasts. It also has an activity notification system that will allow us to program the sport or actions that we are going to do and the app will tell us what time of the day it is best to do it. It does this by factoring in temperature, humidity, whether it will rain, etc. The Boston-based company is valued at $217 million. The company uses vast amounts of data, such as signals from cell phones, Internet of Things devices and street cameras, to provide hyper-local, street-by-street and up-to-the-minute weather forecasts. The company’s customizable MicroWeather application thus helps improve the safety, efficiency and satisfaction of airport and airline passengers.

Insitro: for drug development

It is a South San Francisco-based company dedicated to improving the drug discovery process and reducing the high percentage of errors in the industry. Founded by a machine learning veteran daphne koller, the company is valued at $135 million. The Company today announced a five-year research collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) focused on discovering and developing new therapies to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

Karibu: children’s connection to their grandparents

Karibu: children’s connection to their grandparents

the start caribou dedicated to connecting the elderly with the little ones. Founded in 2017 in the USA by Spaniards Alvaro Sabido and the Cuban Maxeme Tuchman. Both have seen their solution grow over the past few months in ways they never imagined. “Today we are ten times larger than six months ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, and we have tripled the number of employees,” admitted Álvaro Sabido in an interview.

Caribu was founded in the US in 2017 with the original idea of ​​connecting military families after Sabido observed that the only way for a soldier assigned to a foreign mission to read a story to his daughter was to show the image of the physical book transmitted through the camera of the laptop: If children want to see their grandparents in 2020, they have almost only one alternative: the Internet. In this context, the startup Caribu, dedicated to connecting the elderly with the little ones, has grown in ways its founders could never have imagined.

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