People, Happiness & Culture Director (HR Director) at habitissimo It is the position with which it is presented Lydia Nicholas on your Linkedin profile. Lidia has a degree in Psychology and is also the author of the blog work happiness. From his department, he manages 235 employees, as many Habitissimo employees currently have in facilities where all the rooms are shared, because even the founders don’t have offices. As she explains to us, her work revolves around 4 axes.

First of all work guide with supervisors and middle managers. Here it is said that it trains them in their relationship with employees, learns to delegate, practice constructive criticism and also accept it. The second aspect in which they call networks gear Where cohesion among colleagues is sought, they provide spaces for interaction and promote smooth communication between different departments, so that everyone understands and respects the work of colleagues without rivalry. The third axis corresponds people care try to reconcile not only family life but also the personal life of each employee. This part also includes actions aimed at taking care of workers’ health by offering courses on workplace risk prevention, nutrition or mindfulness and yoga to avoid work-related stress. The fourth and last axis corresponds to the corporate culture Here employees are taught the values ​​of the company, namely teamwork, desire for continuous improvement, knowledge of the impact of actions, positive attitude, communication skills and passion for what they do. “We usually say that we are looking for our own freaks,” clarifies Lidia Nicolau.

With this policy of managing more people than company, Habitissimo achieves a staff turnover of less than 4%, with occasional layoffs in history, but also with voluntary resignations for a better position in companies that are difficult to compete with , like as is the case with Facebook, where one of its employees has just left Lidia to “great satisfaction”.

It also uses tools like Happyforce to implement its HR policy and is now exploring the possibility of acquiring a gamification tool developed by the company called bezeppelean prism.

happy power

Founded by Alex Rios Y Sergio Cancelo, happy power created a tool that works through a mobile app in which employees can participate anonymously and transparently, allowing those in charge of the organization to take the pulse of the company and take action to improve the working environment if necessary. The tool measures employee satisfaction levels, a factor that can increase their productivity 20 to 30 times more than that of a dissatisfied worker. By the way, Habitissimo is one of his customer companies.

the home shop

Maria Soria has been Head of Human Resources at for two years The home shop, a company founded in 2003 specializing in the online sale of rest and upholstered furniture. As HR manager, María Soria says her biggest concern is adapting the company to each employee. In other words, within the framework of fairness and internal coherence of the company, take into account the specific conditions of each worker and the position he or she holds. To put it into practice, the perception they adopt is to behave as if the company had 5 employees when they already have 67.

According to a fluid communication policy, they conduct a survey every year to measure the working environment and based on the results, they set the strategy for the following year, as the human resources department is people-oriented. Therefore, from the moment of staff recruitment, profiles are considered that correspond to the company values ​​among which María Soria stands out: honesty, flexibility, acceptance of change and adaptability of people to integrate into teams and others. Aside from setting parity quotas or avoiding age discrimination, La Tienda Home values ​​individuality.

Quinton Laboratories

Cecilia Cole She is Human Resources Manager Quinton Laboratories, although she introduces herself as responsible for people with values. A person dedicated to using emotional intelligence to foster human relationships and who has stood out for years for his progressive politics, earning him numerous awards.

“We care about the quality of our specialties and strive for excellence. The legacy of a comprehensive project allows this excellence to resonate with concern for the environment, society and the Quinton team. With the Quinton: Laboratory of Wellbeing project, we made sure that 95% of our colleagues feel happy to be part of our organization. They think Quinton is an excellent place to work,” they explain in their CSR section.
Cecilia Coll has received various awards for her arbitration policy, including the Alares Award, the Flexibe Company Award and a finalist in the Healthy Leadership Awards.


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