Autingo’s is the story of a medium-sized company with ups and downs that was able to reinvent itself through digitization. The greatest experience offers peter sanzcurrent CEO of authentic, who took over a physical business for the distribution and sale of car parts from his father of the same name 30 years ago after many years. A company that, according to a publication by info workshop In 2013, 10.5 million euros were invoiced. The company was later to be taken over by another large group in the industry.

The digital developments that Pedro Sanz (son) had entrusted to his two newcomers were left out of the takeover: Diego Renédo (COO) young agronomist who was already running an online spare parts business Alexander Milan (CTO), programmer since he was 14 years old. When making the leap into digitization, they created three web services. “First, we launched an online platform for online sales of spare parts for the vehicle with more than 2.5 million different items; Secondly,, an online workshop locator that has become the largest database of car workshops in Spain, with more than 30,000 companies; and finally, DrivePro OBDa mobile application to diagnose mechanical faults in real time,” says Diego Renedo.

After analyzing the market, they decided to integrate the three platforms into a single tool that would allow them to do all of this easily and quickly, including booking workshops online. This is how Autingo was born, an online platform that allows the user of any vehicle to go to the workshop with a budget closed in advance. For the operation, the user only has to enter some data about his vehicle and choose from the options what kind of repair he needs. Once this is done, you will receive an offer with a fixed price. Next, the user chooses the one that interests them the most, based on geolocation and reviews from the workshops in their area, before booking their appointment online. The money is deposited on the Autingo platform and the transaction is carried out after completing the service with a 1-year guarantee. Online reservations can be made in 3,000 of the 30,000 workshops included in the database.

As a source of income, they have the commission paid by the user of the service, who can request a budget for up to 2 million repairs, the parts of which are supplied by Autingo in 50% of the cases, with 3 million references. They also have a package of premium services for certain clients that add affiliations to our business model.

Although the leap into digitization was long and costly (around 2 million euros in total), it can be said that Autingo, which started from scratch in 2014, is now a profitable company that managed to last year with a turnover of Close 1.2 million euros as a startup.

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