In this environment with around 250 million fans and where the media and big companies have started to open specialized broadcasting channels where companies have been created to organize tournaments where catering companies attract these fans… there is also a great one Business opportunity in the application of technology, mainly big datafor handling any information generated in connection with these competitions.

Ivan Oliver and Alberto Leon They have been involved in these activities for years and, together with their team of mathematicians and technologists, have focused on collecting data from the games. “We compile statistics and calculate odds to provide bookmakers with accurate information so they can offer video game betting to their customers. This is our main business. And we have two more in progress: One of them is to offer to the teams that compete in the competitions eSports Big Data for your Business Intelligence and the other line is information about the competition with the media,” explains León, who emphasizes that they do not make money from bettors, “but from selling information”.