This is how Spotify will revolutionize the podcast market

Podcast consumption around the world has received a boost with the arrival of the pandemic just a year ago. In that sense, the good data in this segment has prompted Spotify to launch an acquisition strategy that promises to revolutionize the podcast in the years to come.

The first and most interesting has to do with its platform for developers, Anchor. Spotify has signed an agreement with the web publisher WordPress Convert the content of a written blog to audio in an automated way and turn it into a podcast. Additionally, Spotify will allow creators of this content to do so over the next few months Ability to include a short video in your podcastswhich was previously reserved for musical artists present on the platform.

Additionally, Spotify remains firmly committed to producing its own content featuring globally recognized personalities. His latest project is Renegades: Born in the USA, a podcast voiced by the former President Barack Obama and singer Bruce Springsteen in which both have a conversation about her personal life.

All of this motivates Spotify’s strong expansion in markets where it has not previously been present. “We are embarking on a radical expansion that will launch the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, available to more than a billion people in more than 80 new markets worldwide, adding 36 languages ​​to our platform,” they said confirms company in a recent statement.

Spotify’s big numbers have Spain as a reference

Despite the fact that the consumption of content in podcast format has seen remarkable growth worldwide, Spotify’s numbers in this segment are even better in Spain. Moreover, this growth has reached 53% in the European Union in 2020, which is higher than the world average, and does not seem to slow down in the first quarter of 2021.

And in the United States, Spotify isn’t far behind either. According to Statista, The company holds 31% of America’s podcast market share, followed by Apple Podcasts (22%), Pandora (13%) and iHeart Radio (11%). Additionally, watch hours of this content have doubled since 2019.

Coming back to the Spanish market, it should be noted that Spain is one of the countries with the most registered podcast users on Spotify, according to a Reuters report published in 2019. By sector are the podcast categories that interest Spaniards the most Science, health, sports, politics and culturewith a growth of 75% to 469% in 2020.

Given Spotify’s data and podcast engagement, audio content is positioning itself as a very interesting way to reach audiences from advertisers who are already moving towards new content formats and the new networks to reinvent marketing and advertising.

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