From the strategy:

1. Be empathetic. Don’t try to sell women a recreational product designed for men, nor grossly feminize it. Jean Marc Colanesi reminds that “purchasing processes are different for each gender and for women it is more of an experience that is lived through the brand”. This includes, among other things, putting yourself in their shoes, seeing their needs, modifying the sales and exhibition channels or designing specific communication.
2. Gives a feminine vision. While it’s not an absolute rule, if you want to reach women with a product, it’s logical that they play a prominent role in its design and development. No matter what shows like Mad Men show, the complicity of the message will always be greater, from woman to woman. And the model coined by Erika Lust, Porn Films for Female Tastes, is an example of this.
3. Try it. As Colanesi recalls, 90% of the samples or product samples given away with magazines are aimed at women, and it’s not casual. They “like to try the product first,” which means two things. First, that they are more open to new things, with all the opportunities that open up to them. Second, to facilitate this review, you should address any concerns you may have about your offer.
4. Promotion of recommendation. The second part of this is that word of mouth is often more common and effective among women, too.

From the product:

1. With a social component. Whether it’s a comic or another product, it’s important for women that the products they consume have a social aspect. And that implies that there is a more elaborate context and that communication and social interaction are encouraged by it.
2. Change the rhythm. Translated into content, they often opt for less dizzying narratives where the consumption experience is more emotional and more enjoyable.
3. And the packaging. Or the interface that gives so much. Gilberto Sánchez recalls that it was the launch of the Nintendo DS that showed the industry that there was a female video game market. What this platform introduced was handling more akin to a PDA (dual screen, touch usage…) than a traditional console, along with a wink as explicit as the introduction of pink models. In another example, the design and direction of adult boutique products that differ significantly from those found in a male sex shop follow the same process.

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