The use of noble materials and engraving on wood with a laser machine are the two hallmarks of the cufflinks they make Indigenous Madrid a project started by two 21 year olds, Alvaro Justribo Esteve Y John Ressie, within the operational activity that they have to perform in the LEINN course. It is noticeable that at a young age they are interested in cufflinks as a fashion accessory, something that seems to be no longer used, but it turns out that they are a trend and Indígenas Madrid wants them to wear it too with their proposal Especially since they have become a unisex item that can be worn at any time of the day and for any occasion.

They are made with a laser cutter on a wooden base and assembled manually in the foundation. EVEN for people with intellectual disabilities. Here, according to Álvaro Justribo, they give their surfaces a special touch. “They are the ones who add value.” The cufflinks are sold in the original Packaging consisting of a wooden box with an engraving of the brand logo. Inside, the twins rest on a soft “mattress” made of moss and pieces of mango, which evoke sensory experiences.

The designs can be customized and they do this for both their personal and corporate clients. So they managed to sign a contract with Telepizza as a gift for some of their executives, which was their first big order. For the time being, sales to individuals will be made through Instagram (@indigenasmadrid), some multi-brand stores and markets, although e-commerce will also be up and running soon. While they don’t want to fall into mass production to worry about details, they say they’ve already automated the production process enough to handle a volume order. They also don’t think they were wrong with the prices – €25 and €30 for personalization – for a target audience between 25 and 45 years old.

The idea is, based on its twins, to create a strong fashion accessories brand that will be sold all over the world. To this end, they are still absorbing the lessons of other successful entrepreneurs, whose paradigm for them is the chef David Muñoz, for his way of generating ideas and for the learning he acquired in other countries to later apply in Spain land. Brand values ​​are not missing either. From the sustainability of the materials to the work integration, which they advertise with the slogan “elegant wild”.

It’s too early to talk about the billing as they’ve only been out for a few months, but they’re ready to knock on anyone’s doors with their sampler of cufflinks.

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