“Customers must have every opportunity to want to get in touch with the company. Providing a contact phone number or a form on the website is essential, but customer service can also be improved by integrating other forms of contact such as the WhatsApp service. It must be borne in mind that along with the great benefit that users give to mobile phones in general and WhatsApp in particular, it should be noted that mCommerce is increasing more and more and therefore it is very convenient for the user to be able to solve their doubts with the same device you use to make your purchases,” says Jordi Vives.

“Apart from the time and personnel effort that such an immediate service requires, this means no economic effort for e-commerce and the user,” he defends himself.

What do you think are the main benefits of using it?

1. Send files in the same conversation. «One of the great advantages of WhatsApp over other forms of contact is the ability to attach files. In this way, if the user had a problem with the purchase, they can send the purchase receipt or images of a product received with incidents in the same conversation, without resorting to email,” says Vives.

2. Opportunity to increase sales. “If a potential customer has a question and needs clarification before making a purchase, it will be more effective for them to be able to contact e-commerce via WhatsApp and get an immediate response than to fill out a form and wait two days for one Answer. If the doubt is not cleared up in a short time, e-commerce runs the risk of the potential customer becoming a customer of the competition,” he points out.

3. There are no costs for the company. “Aside from the time and human cost that such an instant service requires, it does not represent an economic burden for the e-commerce or the user,” concludes Vives.

Be careful, WhatsApp states in its terms that it can ban a user’s account if they spam the service. “You must have user authorization to receive our promotions, try to get them to add us to their contact list, use distribution lists to generate multiple messages to people with similar needs, and forget groups as long as they do.” are not for employees”, are the precautions suggested by Emily RodriguezTechnology coach to promote responsible professional behavior.

Medialabs, a pioneer advertising agency in the development of marketing campaigns via WhatsApp for large companies such as Toyota, Jaguar or Movistar, among others, is of the same opinion. Santiago Revellado, CEO, does not recommend using WhatsApp as a mass messaging tool for advertising: «Obviously you should never use it with someone who has not connected with us, who has not left us their details, who has not signed with us. We have one Privacy policy that goes beyond the law … We also do not recommend sending advertising to our customers and suddenly switching communications to this medium via SMS or email, as it may be badly received » .

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