Kolobee presents himself as digital editing is dedicated to the development of tourism mobile applications as a service for third-party companies. Its mission is to create travel guides with information about a place and a map for the smartphone, allowing the user to create personalized itineraries and the location of points of interest. “Although downloaded using an internet connection, the guides work offline, which is very useful if you’re a tourism traveler and don’t want to spend your phone data or don’t have access to the internet,” they explain. Alfonso Aguado Y Elio CappellaCo-founder of this startup.

The applications have in common a design intuitive, simple and very careful, in addition to searching for information and photos specifically for each of them. And hardly anything else. You can find from a travel guide for Fuerteventura to another for Madrid at the time of Franco’s dictatorship, a tour of the 48 species of butterflies that can be found in the Autonomous Community of Madrid or a map with a selection of restaurants based on the capital a famous gastronomy blog.

Technologically, yours innovation It’s not just because your apps work offline. «Applications with offline maps needed 200 MB to store a map of Madrid. They are slow and take up a lot of space. Ours are vector maps that work in the same way as Google Maps, which is now vectorial, and take up very little, between 3 and 9 MB per city,” the entrepreneurs explain.

All developments can be found both in the iOS App Store and in the Android Google Play. your business model? That of the company presenting the idea for the application. Whether it’s a paid, freemium, or ad-supported product, Kolobee’s model is to split profits 50/50.


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