Airbnb's strange offer: travel around the world for free for a year

Travel the world for a year and try the most original and luxurious accommodations airbnb and discover the customs and gastronomy of each country. Although it may seem like a very expensive experience, the truth is that it can be free. The apartment rental and tourist experience company was founded 12 vacancies to be able to test and report on accommodations around the world for a year.

through his programLive where you want with Airbnb‘ the company is offering a year of free housing to a dozen people in different locations around the world. As a condition, travelers must inform the platform about the quality of their accommodation in order to travel accompanied by a maximum of three people.

Though the experience comes unpaid alongside accommodation and a budget for transportation, they say of Airbnb that it’s perfect “for people who telecommute, fathers and mothers with independent children, creative minds, or digital nomads.” To gain access to the programme, all that is required is to fill out a questionnaire in English on the initiative’s website Until June 30th (The trip starts in July).

Airbnb’s interest in promoting these user profiles on its platform is due to the changing nature of the use of tourist apartments. According to company data, stays of 28 nights or more increased by 10% between 2019 and the first quarter of 2021. Additionally, 74% of consumers say they would like to move from one place to another to telework once the pandemic is over.

Airbnb isn’t the only big company offering a dream job

While Airbnb’s offering is hard for any travel lover to turn down, the truth is that it’s not the only major Silicon Valley company promoting dream jobs for everyone. another is Netflixwho has recently offered several positions in taggersa job that consists of viewing all Netflix content in order to label it.

Unlike Airbnb, Netflix pays the staff responsible for this task. And not bad: up $73,000 annually to check out the latest releases on the platform, a task many do in their spare time. In addition to the company headed by Reed Hastings, Spotify either Amazon They also have a team dedicated to testing and evaluating the content they upload to their platforms and they pay big bucks for it.

There is also a big gap for lovers of eSports and the world of video games. The job of tester is one of the most requested by console fans and consists of making the most of the first versions of each title to identify bugs in advance and once they are launched everything turns out to be perfect.

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