Años Luz started in 1982 and has become a benchmark for other micro-entrepreneurs such as Trekking and Adventure or African Culture through its leading position in the offer. It later became a wholesale supplier to other retail agencies, rigorously selected to offer the same trips in their catalogue.

This wholesaler is used to fighting with the competition. It does this from three cities: Barcelona and Bilbao, where they also have an agency; and Madrid, sharing the street with a Barceló Viajes and its Catai catalogue. José Larrea, its commercial director, insists that tourism needs to be positioned differently.

In alternative travel, the notion of competition that moves is not subject to distance between agencies. “It’s not a regional competition, it’s a national competition. You don’t have to worry so much about the competitor’s neighborhood as about their position in the industry. Those looking for an alternative trip buy them in any city in Spain; There are not many of us offering these packages and due to the specialization of the trip, the customer is looking for very specific features,” he adds. The retail-wholesale dual role and the dual alternative-conventional offering serve to secure business in this sector dominated by large purchasing groups such as Viajes Iberia, to which Años Luz has joined in order to continue to compete on advantageous terms compared to other agencies and a broader one To offer service for his customers “who do not need an alternative trip in every phase of life”, he emphasizes.

In marketing, they sail with the wind in their favor as they have promotional material to spare. YouTube is the platform on which their range of travel destinations is presented on the Internet. The videos shown are part of their production of travel documentaries, an area they accidentally entered 12 years ago and which they have now professionalized through their own production company.

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