Zaragoza Activa, Zaragoza’s urban incubator, which reports to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Employment of that city’s City Council, is looking for new talent in the city. Through the third edition of the program “Turn your idea into a business” offer their incubation space and the help of experts to formulate new proposals and put them into practice. You just have to Registration until February 27th.

“Our goal is to help people who decide to start and develop a business project to take these difficult first steps,” explains Carmen Herrarte, Zaragoza City Council Minister for Economy, Innovation and Employment.

Subscription stationery and insect meal

Some of the projects that participated in previous editions are already working, as in the case of Verbbena, dedicated to exclusive stationery items on subscription. another is Ecoleo, which converts meal from insects into food. Thanks to the training they received in the various workshops, they were able to create a company where “they had an idea but didn’t know how to make it happen”.

The new program starts on March 14th and lasts until the end of May in the facilities of Zaragoza Activa -La Azucarera–. The suggestion of The training is free and has 120 working hours B. in subjects such as the design of a business model, legality, communication digitization, entrepreneurial skills or finance.

With this in mind, we are looking for people with a business idea to develop it further with the support of a community entrepreneurial ecosystem which provides specific training, mentoring and community to share knowledge and weave professional support networks.

Last days for your big chance

Applications can be submitted until 27th of February via the website of Zaragoza active. That selection process will have two parts. On the one hand the days Online sessions will take place on March 3rd and 4th and on March 9 in person at Zaragoza Activa.

In which choice of candidates Consideration is given to the innovative nature of the idea, its originality, its feasibility or impracticability, its sustainability, the volume of employment it creates, the level of social impact, its replicability and availability for training participation.

The program offers a Itinerary in different phasesan entrepreneurial path that begins with a new training process through the hotbed of ideas, a public school of entrepreneurship. Then there is the possibility of integration in The collaborator, Zaragoza Activa’s collaborative entrepreneurship ecosystem. Depending on the type of project to be started, it can be introduced as a prototype Beetroot HackLab and/or be part of Made in Zaragoza, the creative industries network of Zaragoza. All this with the possibility of taking advantage of a first workplace, the Coworking Space La Colaboradora or the Acceleration Space for the jump.

A successful suggestion

That first program from “Turn your idea into a business” It began to take shape in late 2020, after a few months of the pandemic. The formation of the first 30 projects took place between March and June 2021 and 130 ideas were received in this first call, which they consider a great success. Just over 20 of them are still working today.

That second edition was convened in late summer 2021 and 45 ideas were submitted. The 20 selected worked in the last quarter of last year.