Unlimited Vacation: An additional benefit to solve the labor shortage

That Labor shortage in 2022 encourages the growth of new formulas to help retain talent and attract new hires. One of them is the offer unlimited vacations to the workforce, a benefit that is increasingly common in tech companies and could make a difference in your business.

Actually, the unlimited holiday formula is simple. In addition to the contractually agreed vacation time, the company grants its employees take unlimited days off whenever you want, on condition that You need to coordinate your schedule with your colleagues so that the activity of the company is never affected.

However, unlimited vacation is not a possible measure for all companies. Only those who work for goals and don’t need constant customer service they can afford to offer their workers extra days off, so their application in Spain is a long way off.

The technological ones that bet on unlimited vacations

The level of unlimited vacation time has increased sharply in recent years as a result of skills shortages that are plaguing thousands of businesses. This increases the number of offers with this social benefit in the USA grew by 178% between 2015 and 2019a number that could be even higher given the impact of the Great Renunciation that has hit the country in recent months.

As such, tech companies, which are typically more goal-oriented, are the ones that use this formula most often to keep their employees happy. Uber, Hubspot or Dropbox they do, if only in the United States while Netflix They also offer unlimited vacations to their workers around the world including Spain.

However, the differing holiday laws mean that Spain is not a very favorable country to offer these types of benefits. While in the United States workers who opt for this formula they only choose 13 vacation days a yearreaches the legal minimum in the national employee statute of 30 calendar days (or 22 working days), well above the American average.

Given this situation, Spanish workers do not appear to be entitled to unlimited leave either, preferring other types of benefits and flexible working arrangements as an incentive to stay in one company or decide to change companies.

Other social benefits growing in Spain

Apart from unlimited holidays, in Spain there are other formulas that become an incentive for workers. The most obvious is the four-day work week, which has been encouraged by the government to test new ideas that favor arbitration in the post-pandemic environment.

For example, companies like Desigual have started using it. Office staff voted to work four days a week – 13% less in exchange for a 6.5% pay cut. “We want people to work happier and be more attractive in order to retain the talent we have domestically and attract those from abroad. The four-day session will make us more competitive,” he estimated at the time Alberto OjinagaDirector of Desigual.

In parallel, other alternative formulas to unlimited leave include total flexibility of schedules, allowing employees to choose their days off per week as it suits them best; or adapting working hours to more flexible schedules that allow for a better balance between private and family life.

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