The World Tourism Organization (WTO), with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), has called on innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups from around the world to come up with new solutions to help the tourism sector recover from the crisis Covid-19.

“With millions of jobs at risk as the pandemic hits tourism harder than any other sector, the United Nations Specialized Agency for Tourism has incorporated innovation into its overall response to the pandemic. UNWTO is working closely with WHO to mitigate the impact and to place tourism at the heart of future recovery efforts, forging close ties with governments and the private sector to promote international cooperation and solidarity.

These two international organizations created the challenge Solutions to restore health in tourism. The aim of this global appeal is to find innovative ideas that will help the tourism sector mitigate the effects of the pandemic and initiate recovery efforts. In particular, the challenge seeks to find ideas that can have an immediate impact, for destinations, for businesses and for public health.


The deadline for submitting ideas is April 10th. The winners of the challenge Solutions to restore health in tourism They will be invited to present their ideas to representatives from more than 150 governments. You will also have access to the UNWTO Innovation Network, which includes hundreds of startups and high-level companies from across the tourism sector.

Participants (startups and entrepreneurs) from all over the world must have implementable solutions as quickly as possible. The call is open to methodologies, processes, governance structures, social impact initiatives, technological applications and existing technologies, and other forms of innovation. In addition to a proven business model, the projects had to be accelerated beforehand and have the potential to be implemented in numerous countries.

The areas are three:


Solutions focused on safety measures, hygiene methods and early detection, among others, for tourism and other key players in the tourism sector, to be used by tourists, tourism workers, hospital models, travel agencies, tour operators, transport, amusement parks, etc


Solutions focused on digital applications for tourism, collaborative economy, demand recovery, circular economy, income and investment management, among others, to be implemented across the sector in the short and long term.


Solutions focused on destination recovery techniques: crisis communications, mobility, repositioning a destination brand and restoring traveler confidence, among others.

If you want to take part in the challenge Solutions to restore health in tourismclick here.

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