A gift for the first purchase


Lolamarket, a platform that helps with supermarket shopping, had a pop-up on its website where Mr. Hummingbird – the site’s mascot – gave you 20 euros to redeem on your first purchase.

Bring us your friends


Wetaca is a website that manages home food delivery for chefs. He rewards his customers $10 for every new friend they ask for on his site, and gives an additional $10 to each friend who makes a purchase.

prizes to play


Pure Fix Cycles is a bike shop. When you entered their website, a window appeared with a roulette wheel for you to play with. Prices ranged from a $10 discount to free bike lights or backpacks and free shipping.

Gift for registration


Nice Laundry is a shop that sells socks. When you visit their website for the first time, you will receive a pair of socks as long as you register.

Discount for pre-ordering products from the following season


Vaute Couture is a fashion store that offers 30 percent off when you reserve clothes for the following season, plus 50 percent off the purchase of its flagship product (a coat) if you subscribe to its newsletter.

Discounts for friends


Lost my name is a platform for personalizing children’s books. With the purchase you received three discount vouchers worth 15 euros (including shipping costs) that you could give away to three of your friends.

handwritten thanks

Final Chapter is a small physical store in the US that sells used books through Amazon’s Makerplace. The store thanks its customers for their purchase, including a handwritten sheet inside the package that reads: I hope you like it.

gifts of physical closeness


Mytaxi, the platform for ordering a taxi, designs specific campaigns. For example, she gave her customers 20-euro vouchers to redeem for trips. And another 20 euros that the customer can give to a friend. For example, he gave his customers 10 euros for the trip at Christmas. Another promotion, which was only active for two weeks, gave away 50 percent of all trips if the customer paid via their app. Additionally, its geolocation technology recognizes where you’ve used its services and launches offers you can use at local businesses. For example, two free months subscription to the digital edition of a newspaper or discount vouchers that you can use in shows for a few days.

segmented discounts


Medusa’s Cake is a physical store that also sells creative pastry products online. They introduced a points system for billing, in which they rewarded good shoppers, with significant discounts for pensioners, the unemployed and young people who love creative pastries and lack sufficient financial resources.

Extras to make you feel like a VIP


Secret Escapes is an online travel club specializing in luxury hotel flash sales with exclusive discounts of up to 70%. One of his strategies was to offer his members little extras to make them feel like a VIP person in the hotel. These add-ons can include upgraded rooms, spa treatments, welcome gifts, and dinners.

look at the premium


Noteflight is a music composition, editing and training platform that offers a free service for editing up to ten scores. From the eleventh, the service is chargeable. Until then, the free user can reuse this constraint as many times as they like. So far, it might seem like a simple service limited to one usage, but the free user can benefit from all the features used by the premium client. It’s a way to make users fall in love with quality so they make the leap to premium.

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