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Diagnose up to 232 skin by photo

A tool that can detect up to 232 different skin pathologies. The company created that Legit.Health. This Bilbao-based startup has developed a revolutionary next-generation clinical information and communication tool that helps dermatologists improve diagnosis, classify severity and monitor the evolution of wounds and chronic and malignant skin lesions.

Its technology, supported by artificial intelligence (AI), allows the diagnosis of 232 pathologies from photos taken with a mobile phone and speeds up the communication process of a pathology, reporting its existence in 32 seconds and automatically estimating its severity , by filling in the appropriate gradation. By using this solution, the medical diagnosis rate could be increased by 23%.

Legit.Health algorithms automatically classify dermatological lesions simply by displaying images and small PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures).

As the founders of this startup Andrew AguilarCEO, Alfonso Medelaan expert in algorithms, and Taig Mac Carthy, an entrepreneur already known for his original projects on this site.

The idea arose from a research project at the UPV that focused on detecting skin cancer through photographs, as it should be a tool to support rather than replace patients and doctors.

Cancer detection by MRI and clinical data

Lucida Medical It is a solution developed in Cambridge (UK) that uses machine learning and radiogenomics to help doctors detect cancer based on patient MRI and clinical data.

Lucida Medical’s ultimate goal is to make cancer screening accurate, affordable, cost-effective and fast. A more than commendable mission, considering that early detection usually means a better prognosis and facilitates the patient’s recovery.

Currently, its products and services are used for research purposes only and are not for sale. Lucida Medical brings together some of the greatest experts in radiology and AI technology from Europe’s leading clinical institutes.

Intelligent scheduling

Also born in Great Britain Sprite is a smart scheduling solution that improves acceptance rates and coverage of screening services and reduces the problem of absenteeism from appointments. Absenteeism is a major problem in cancer diagnostics.

The tool would serve as a virtual receptionist whose goal is to improve appointment attendance and reduce operational inefficiencies in the care pathway. The advantages compared to the clinical center lie in the relief of the administrative and logistical effort, while the patients can rely on 24-hour care, 7 days a week.

In addition to scheduling, Spryt also uses artificial intelligence to predict which patients are likely to miss your reservation. The system is secure and absolutely confidential.

Automation of X-ray measurements and detections

radiobotics is a company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark whose mission is to automate X-ray measurements and detection to speed up the reading of musculoskeletal X-ray features. To this end, they claim to develop robust and clinically validated algorithms for MSK radiology that can increase throughput by automating the analysis and reporting of routine X-ray images, which are still time-consuming and experience significant delays.

Radiobotics is an award-winning start-up focused on developing algorithms for hospitals to automate the reading of bone and joint X-rays. Since its inception in 2017, Radiobotics has experienced strong traction, raising a total of $4 million to date, expanding its team and developing its first CE marked product.

empower cancer patients

“Your cancer partner.” This is how they appear in it wine health , a London-based company that combines behavioral science and artificial intelligence to support highly personalized cancer patients that improve quality of life and survival. Thanks to its app, people with cancer can track their symptoms, manage their medications, and understand their care. In this way, they give cancer patients back control of their treatment. The company has received numerous awards for both its cutting-edge technology in the service of healthcare and as a start-up, which has earned it a £1m grant from Innovate, amongst others.

All of the above solutions have been selected to be part of the first EMEA edition of the Edison AcceleratorTM, a healthcare start-up and scale-up acceleration program developed by GE Healthcare in partnership with innovation organization Wayra UK, Telefónica Startup Accelerator .

Over the next six months, the Edison Accelerator will provide these teams with the knowledge and skills to help them continue to scale their business and co-create solutions with GE and the other healthcare organizations participating in the program. The accelerator gives start-ups access to GE Healthcare’s extensive global network of thousands of sales professionals and channel partners in 160 countries, culminating in a Demo Day in November.

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