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A total of 70 Spanish companies are among the 1,000 of the UK newspaper Financial Times latest annual ranking in collaboration with Statista. The list is the result of research listing the 1,000 European companies that achieved the highest growth rate each year. Eligibility requirements have been tightened in the last two editions as a minimum growth rate of 38.4% is required to appear on the list topped by UK fintech in 2020 Oak North Shore.

This year, the majority of winning companies come from Germany, closely followed by Italy, the UK and France, which together account for 70% of the overall ranking.

Regarding Spain, a total of 70 companies appear on the list, of which we mention the top 15 below:

Elements global services. It is the first Spanish company to appear at number 4 of the 1000 on the list. It is a human resources services and technology company providing employment solutions in more than 135 countries and cataloged in the Support Services category.

foot district. At number 16. It is a company dedicated to e-commerce, distributing fashion of different brands. He is credited with a growth of 273.9%.

ID Finance Ranked 18th. It is a fintech specializing in online lending that has grown by 271.3%. ID Finance completed a capital increase of EUR 5.7 million via the Crowdcube investment marketplace last year. The aim, as they explain, is to become “the first platform for online consumer credit in Europe (Spain) and Latin America (Brazil, Mexico)”. The company has already received numerous awards.

profession and talent. At number 24, it is a technology company focused on human resources and recruiting. At one of the national companies appearing in the ranking, which emerged on the model of a start-up and was able to close a round of 70 million euros last year. He is credited with a growth of 247.4%.

tappxTappx, also listed as a startup, this ad technology is listed at number 48. It is a programmatic platform that has created the world’s largest community for sharing banner ads. The startup was accelerated by Wayra and selected and supported by the EU Horizon 2020 initiative.

working capital. This Valencian financial services company ranks 50th with an increase of 181.3%. You will be responsible for managing the Company’s working capital through the discounting of promissory notes, non-order promissory notes and direct debit payments. As the saying goes: “Procure liquidity for the self-employed and SMEs”.

GPA innovated. At position number 76. It is classified in the category of industrial goods and is credited with a growth of 157.7%.

Countries and children matter. It appears in position number 80 and in the “Retail” category. Specialized in the sale of gourmet products such as nougat and marzipan.

Nexolub. This company, which among other things offers technical solutions for advanced lubricants in the energy sector, appears in 82nd place with a growth of 151.2%. Nexolub was founded in 2008 but only started to be independent in 2011. It is the result of more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the international trade in basic lubricants. The company operates from Barcelona with a global vocation. You are present in Europe. Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

do science is a digital marketing and data consultancy that appears at #87. The advertising company appears in the ranking for the second time and is now credited with a growth of 148.2%. The company was founded in 2016 as a marketing and technology consulting group, “with a one-stop-shop positioning with high added value in digital marketing and data analytics”.

Carcamovil. The company is better known in Spain as La Casa de las Cascas, which slipped to 97th on the FT list this year with growth of 144.1%. The company was founded in 2013 by the young Ismael Villalobos

Samy street Within the advertising industry, the company has created a community of 30,000 visual creators and influencers writing visual stories for brands. It appears at number 99 in the list.

LRG group (Elite Designs). It occupies position number 100. It is a company in the reform and construction sector that was founded in 2012 and started with a small shop in A Coruña to later position itself in different business channels focused on the distribution and reform channel of hotels and hospitals. Sales already exceed 10 million per year.

signature. In position 107, it is a technology company that offers reliable services that guarantee the legal certainty of all your digital transactions. The company was founded in 2013 and had 69 employees at the time of the listing.

quantity. This one appears at position 120. It is a technology company that helps other companies with digital transformation. Quantion was founded in mid-2015 with the aim of “bridging the world of new generation companies and the traditional market”.