What are the differences between dealers, representatives and commercial agents?

Commercial agent.

It is usually an intermediary between the external manufacturer and the national distributor. He only devotes himself to contacting and signing the contract on behalf of the manufacturer. He usually works under contract and is also the manufacturer’s legal representative in the country, with powers to enter into contracts on his behalf. He usually does not own the goods, but has the power to defend the legal interests of the manufacturer.


You usually own the physical property of the product that the manufacturer sent you from another country and even take care of the technical service when needed, although not always. For example, if the item is of industrial origin, it is often sent directly to the customer from the country of origin to avoid double logistic costs.

Estate agents.

He still has a sales job. Accepts agreements on behalf of the company, but without responsibility for the agreements or ownership of the goods. And it usually has no legal authority to enter into agreements outside of the terms allowed by the manufacturer itself. Offer the product, complete the order documents, negotiate only minor adjustments within the allowed limits and process the order.