Do you dare count how many times you consult your cell phone? You might be surprised to learn that you watch it more than 150 times every day. That smartphone It has become an appendage of thousands of citizens, and the dream of brands is to be in it. Or maybe we should say being a part of what is possible thanks to mobile apps.

Applications such as those from Amazon, Zara or Lidl are downloaded millions of times. In Spain alone, according to an estimate by The App Date, more than 3.8 million are downloaded every day, but these numbers should not mislead: few will remain on mobile or tablet and fewer will be used. Analysis house Adjust estimates that 80% of the apps on Apple’s iOS operating system are zombies, they’ve hardly been downloaded.

In the SMB context, the success of an application does not have to be measured by millions of downloads, it can become a good tool with a few hundred. Experts believe that exceeding 1000 will have an 8% to 15% impact on sales, according to an estimate by business app developer Upplication.

In case of Akira Comicshas broken one of the taboos: with 4,000 downloads, it has become a real sales channel, an unusual goal in the SME context.

for PhysiohomeNetwork of physical therapists at home, 1,500 downloads are enough to become a support for managing appointments with the client and promoting discounted services through notifications press. La Tagliatella, with its network of 200 Italian restaurants in Spain, has surpassed 100,000 downloads in just nine months. An app that brings great joy as a loyalty channel.

The idea: It’s not a company website

“The first thing you have to do is find the target, know why the company wants it, and not launch it because the competition did.” explains it Alvaro AlcanizMarketing Manager of upplication. A reflection process in which a distinction must be made between the use of the mobile phone and the PC by the customer. And here’s the first recommendation: It’s a mistake to replicate the contents of the web in an app. There’s no point in simply posting the product catalog if it’s not possible to interact with it or geolocate the nearest store. To find out what you can do, Alcañiz recommends answering questions like: what does the customer consume, how and when, how do they find us, and what terms do they use to refer to us?

Alberto Monedero, in charge of online marketing at La Tagliatella, explains how his application was born from a deep understanding of the customer: “The company listens and manages the big datathis is how we defined the functionalities of the app to improve the experience, but it will also provide information to keep working on the innovation of the customer journey (Customer Experience)”. In the case of Akira Comics, “the goal is for fans to be able to learn about the product and buy it from anywhere,” concludes Jesús Marugán.

As a distribution channel, loyalty club, reservation manager or any other value-added utility, “Ease of use is key to the app and must be an integral part of the design process,” recalls Alejandro Ramírez, director of mobile and customer service, of independent media agency T2O.

Publication in the store: observe the rules

Google Play or Apple Store? Another decision is which system the app is designed for. The numbers are telling: Google’s Android had a market share of 93.9% in Spain last April, compared to 5.5% for Apple’s iOS and 0.5% for Microsoft’s Windows (data from Kantar World Panel). However, the advice is to decide based on the profile we are targeting; iPhone users identify with greater purchasing power, so there are quite a few companies that prioritize it. However, the usual thing is that it eventually operates in the two dominant systems.

choice of category. Millions of applications compete on each of these download platforms, so choosing a category is one of the most important steps as it is the most common search method. In the case of the App Store, you can choose between a main and a secondary store and a single choice for Google Play. Ramírez insists on not cheating: “No matter how busy the one that corresponds to your app, as is the case with the ‘Entertainment’ app, you should put it there. If not, you’re going to have problems.”

screenshots. We must take advantage of all the graphic resources that these platforms offer us, one of which is the screenshots or screenshots, showing the inside of the app. Here, experts agree that one must look for meaningful images that report the most disruptive usability and almost always introduce a text box that completes the visual information.

Description. Also crucial, and always respect the rules of the Business: in Google Play it is limited to 80 characters in the short version and 4,000 in the long version; In the App Store we have 100 characters, knowing that any direct reference to the brand will be penalized. The text must take into account the keywords that can be enriched with tools like Keyword Planner from Google.

videos. If not mandatory, investing in a small explainer video is more than advisable. A weakness in the market launches of medium-sized companies, although the media agency T2O insists that one can produce one that meets expectations for around 1,000 euros. As advice for companies that don’t have a budget, Upplication recommends using a corporate video “as long as it’s not very commercial, since ads aren’t allowed”.

Update. The goal is for the new channel to add value to the relationship with the customer, for this we must work on its improvement and renewal, the so-called updates. At least one every six or nine months will serve to re-promote it and attract more users. In the case of La Tagliatella, seven versions were released in one year: “Resources and commitment must be constantly present, it is a never-ending process of improvement in which it is important to record it return message of the customer,” explains Monedero.

Off-Metadata: Interaction with the user

Both Google and Apple reward the apps that generate the most interest. We enter a number of variables that cannot be controlled but should be kept in mind. The most important are summarized from Upplication:

– Speed ​​of retrieving downloads. When this process is accelerated, positioning is rewarded. Remember that if a user uploads, downloads, and reloads the app, it’s counted as one: there are no shortcuts.

– Rating rating. They are the result of user comments. That valuation It is the rating our app deserves in the rating system from zero to five stars. That reviews are the mentions or comments that users leave. The better the ranking and the better the news, the better the reputation of your app.

Funding: Use existing resources

Remember that designing and publishing the app is the least of your hassles. The challenge is to get downloads and interactions. Álvaro Alcañiz is categorical: “We have to attract attention with every means we have.”

Social networks and the company blog, communication campaigns to the media and emailing to customers come into play. You must also leverage any offline resources where the deal offers strategic value. First, employees need to be made aware of the need to inform customers. In a restaurant or shop with an app with a payment platform, a discount can be offered if the payment is made through this channel at the time. QR codes on posters, price lists or shopping bags are other options, always remember not to waste contact for your advertising.

Advertising: a necessary push

To prevent your app from being classified as a zombie, you will most likely need to give it an advertising boost. There is no consensus on this, but at the design stage of the strategy it is advisable to allocate at least 50% of the budget to recruitment campaigns.


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