The pandemic has forced many companies to prioritize the distribution channel on-linea decision that has in turn led to companies that have not network own to sell through marketplaces. But not all sales platforms on-line They are equal.

“Sales on-line They grew 36% in Spain last year, according to eMarketer. An increment that shows how the channel on-line For many companies in our country, this became the only way to continue their activities during the pandemic. So those companies that already had a page network own platform that focused on this channel to sell their products and services, while companies that did not have their own platform switched to it marketplaces‘ they confirm from the digital marketing agency evolution.

broader market

Namely, “in just 20 years, these large sales platforms have revolutionized the retail sector by developing into the largest distribution and sales channels nationally and internationally. That marketplaces offer a broader market with quick and easy access. This allows companies of all sizes to find within them a dynamic space to commercialize their products.”

However, from Ebolution, they point out that companies need to be successful in their sales marketplacesthey must choose well the platform from which they will operate and recommend companies for this reason B2B that they take into account, among other things, whether they offer logistics, payment and financial services and digital marketing when making their selection; Also, if it helps them capture them leads and for the international distribution of its products.

From Ebolution, they claim that it’s not easy to choose one marketplace B2B. For this reason and with the aim that companies can assess which platform is best for them, they have selected the best sales platforms B2B From the market:


“160 million registered buyers and more than 6 million sellers make this Chinese platform a global benchmark in the wholesale sector. In it we will find 4 different work modalities for companies, ranging from a basic package to one bonuswith flat rate for product publication, positioning priority or page customization network and customer service. Furthermore, Alibaba does not calculate any percentage of the business generated on the platform between importing and exporting companies, either at the buyer’s own request through a public budget request, nor through personal consultations.

solo sticks

“East marketplace vertical is the market leader in wholesale, especially in Spain and Latin America. In fact, it is one of the most used platforms by SMEs and freelancers, thanks to its more than 6,000 product categories, the possibility to compare prices and analyze information on products, suppliers and types of purchase, as well as the simplification of negotiations. Additionally, like Alibaba, registration at Solostocks is free but offers three other payment options with different services and benefits.”


“Amazon is not only the global e-commerce leader, it is the marketplace more complete thanks to its technical coverage and fast shipping management. For business B2B, the platform has the Amazon Business section, a service that we can register from the platform for free for Amazon sellers. The companies B2B You have direct access to all Amazon customers, which helps increase sales. To sell on Amazon Business, the company requires a seller account on its global Amazon seller platform, although it does not require selling to consumers (B2C)”.

logistics market

“This professional directory focuses on commerce B2Bmainly on equipment, identification, transportation and share, although we can find many other categories in its catalogue. In this way, companies can use the platform to contact the companies that manufacture and/or distribute the products they are interested in. In this marketplace there are 15,300 companies offering more than 200,000 industrial products and services”.

“If you are interested in doing business B2B With buyers in the Chinese market, it is best to access this platform which depends on Alibaba Group as it is one of the marketplace largest and most important to be sold within China. In addition, transactions related to duties and taxes will be facilitated by using this site.”

Global Sources

“This platform is one of the most well-known in the industry B2B, as it has been one of the reference directories for finding international suppliers for more than 50 years. The company connects buyers with suppliers from all over the world through trade fairs, magazines and since 1995 its marketplace on-linewhich was also the first page network Ecommerce B2B of the world. It already has more than 10 million registered international buyers.”, Alibaba, Amazon, E-Commerce, E-Commerce, Logismarket, Marketplace, Solostocks, Online Sales