What is the highest grossing franchise in history?

Satoshi Tajiri lived on the outskirts of Tokyo. As a child, he used his time to explore the surrounding forests. His passion was collecting insects, which he found between the stones and in the cracks of the trees. These insects were exchanged with his friends. This is how his childhood passed.

But one day he came to the place where he used to collect his insects and found that it had been taken over by parking lots and malls. To recapture his childhood, Tajiri came up with the idea for Pokemon, the highest-grossing franchise in history, according to one entry Wikipedia.

This documented list includes franchises that began some as a book and others as a film or video game, among other entertainment formats. The list includes box office data in major cinemas, product sales, video game revenue, in short, all revenue published by the company.

Thus Pokemon has reached the first place in the ranking with overall 86 billion euros. An important part of the success is due to the sales of its video games, which reach 15 billion euros, figures that have increased thanks to the Pokemon Go boom. The video game bills 1.8 million euros per day, which is 245 million euros in the first four months of 2019.

In second place is Hello Kitty, a franchise that owes its success to merchandising sales. The brand has collected 72 billion euros. The adorable face of a white kitten with a bow on her head, a symbol of the Japanese “kawaii” (pretty). The key point of this product is that it attracted both adults and children. He doesn’t understand generations.

“In a way, Hello Kitty gives adults the right to play again, a chance to bring out a part of themselves that they won’t be able to express for the rest of their lives,” said Christine Yano, an anthropologist who specializes in Kawaii. has specialized in “Phenomenon. ‘, to The Telegraph. Sario, a Hello Kitty company, wants to launch a line of products for men to bring this genre closer to the brand.

Surprisingly, Winnie the Pooh, one of the most popular characters adapted by Walt Disney for film and television, ranks third with a collection of 68 billion euros. Most of his earnings don’t come from his Hollywood run, where he even received a plaque on the Walk of Fame, but from retail.

It is relevant that half of the ten top-grossing franchises are the work of Japanese imagination: Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Anpanman, Jump Comics and Mario. anpanman? Doesn’t sound like anything to you? It is a collection of books that tells the story of a Japanese superhero for children. The work was later adapted to the small screen and its success keeps it in sixth place.

To hear more well-known brands, you have to go back to fifth position to see the Star Wars name on the list, one of the highest-grossing franchises of the last half century. The same goes for Marvel, which is ranked tenth. Hits like Harry Potter or Dragon Ball are disappearing from these top spots.