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Create and market your NFT creations

Which in this business requires not only capital, but also creativity and knowing how to navigate the virtual environment to publish and market your artistic creations. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the digital assets that some believe are changing art collect. These are art objects that can be seen but not touched and you are unlikely to be the sole owner of them as this piece of art has most likely been tokenized.

There are already cases of artists becoming millionaires this way, like that of Michael Joseph Winkelmanknown by the stage name Beeple, who managed to sell a $69.3 million NFT in Christie’s art room.

Private detective

The prerequisite for working as a private detective is possession of the appropriate university degree and the authorization issued by the Ministry of the Interior. You can now work as a private detective, both for an agency that has already been founded and for an agency that is listed in the special regulation for the self-employed (RETA).

As for the basic materials you need to start working, a car, a voice recorder, a video camera and a decent computer are enough to edit the images. The rest is a matter of spending hours and gathering evidence.

Talent Headhunters

Its job is to identify candidates for a specific position. Now that the talent is on the rise, so are the services provided by these professionals. Ideally, you specialize in a very specific market niche and have an interesting background in the market or sector you are positioning yourself in.

Again, as an independent professional, you can relocate and offer your services within and outside of Spain, taking advantage of the relocation of work teams.

make chatbots

It’s true that there are already plenty of tools available on the web that businesses can use to create their own customer service chatbot. However, if you want to make a difference and provide a competent service, you need to contact a specialized professional.

how does it hold up Murray Newland, ChatBot expert: “Ten years ago all companies needed a website and five years ago all companies needed an app, today all companies need to open the door to messaging with artificial intelligence and chatbots.” This creates opportunities and jobs. You can learn how to create them for free with some coding and then offer them to companies.

A “ghost kitchen”

It is enough to have an air-conditioned place adapted to the legislation and exclusively for the preparation of food delivery Y bring away. No bars or waiters or fancy places, the business is simply based around cooking for others or home delivery. The problem is that the pandemic has spread the business model so much that there is less and less room to position yourself. If you specialize in a certain dish and develop a certain reputation with it, it becomes easier. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to deal with the ongoing neighborhood protests, which have little empathy for this type of business.

Remote Computer Assistance

Creating a remote or home IT support platform can be an interesting business opportunity now that the practice of teleworking has spread. The hard part is making yourself known and gaining the trust of customers. The support is very extensive and makes it possible to solve several incidents related to the computer software.

A specialized food truck

Although consolidated in countries like the United States, the mobile business model of selling food in a truck – food truck – has not yet caught on in Spain. The advantages for an entrepreneur in the catering trade are obvious, as space and personnel costs are eliminated.

However, its use in our country is practically limited to the environment of events, so few consider this option a stable business. However, there is the possibility of removing oneself from these milieus and making a difference, for example by exclusively selling healthy or vegan products. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that national legislation applies food truckIt is not only strict but also complex as food safety issues depend on each autonomous community.

personal chef at home

They cook at your home, serve the menu and leave everything spotless at the end. This is the service offered by thousands of home cooks united under the platform of takeachef. The business is based on selling the experience of having an award winning chef in the kitchen of your home.

And if you already enjoy a certain recognition in the market, you can move individually Miguel Sanchez with a private chef at home.

Think of a simple invention and have it made in China

It’s a pretty handy formula that gets complicated now that it’s not so cheap to manufacture in the Asian country, nor is the traffic between countries so fluid, making it an easy product to manufacture there and later market worldwide. That was the approach Sophie Trelles-Tvedea young woman with a Spanish mother and Danish father founded the brand together with her partner Felix Haffa invisible. It’s a simple hair tie that rolls up like a phone cord without leaving a mark on your hair, for which he already bills €20 million a year.

Transcribe audio files

Although there are already on the market software able to automatically convert an audio file to text, they are not yet precise enough to guarantee an exact reproduction of what is meant. In the end, it is always necessary to review the document and make corrections. So, there remains a business opportunity for those professionals willing to offer this service and transcribe another professional’s dictations into a written document at face value.

As essential material, a computer, decent headphones and a comfortable chair are enough to carry out the work. There are also dedicated footswitches, making it easy to step back and forth in the recording.

location services

The main talent in this case is the voice. Daniel Saez, for example, is a professional that offers voiceover services in Spanish and Catalan through its website. This is the professional output this audio engineer has found self-employed with its own recording studio in a digital environment in which the voice is becoming more and more important.

They are in demand services not only as an advertising message, but also for the creation of self-guides, audio books, film interpretations and even language rental streamers and influencers.


It is quite convenient that you can always offer the services that you used to provide for someone else, although now it is done on your own initiative. It is a way of using the professional experience and contacts gained during a professional career. It’s wise not to leave the specialty and obsess over large accounts where the value proposition can go unnoticed.

Homemade food

The proposal is based on creating a collaborative platform where local or local chefs come together and then offer homemade dishes at home. The tricky thing can be figuring out the logistics and setting a delivery schedule to avoid sacrificing the whole day. There are already platforms hosting and offering this service such as: B. Caseroo.

Technology transfer consultant

Its main role is to put the providers of a new technology or solution in touch with companies that may need this type of solution but do not know how to decide which of the offerings available on the market best suits their needs. They therefore act as outside agents capable of covering this double gap Adding value in both building a business and bringing R&D to market.


The trade isn’t new, of course, although we’re more familiar with it from writers in black. It is about putting one’s pen at the service of another who is interested in taking the authorship and who is not doing the job well due to lack of skill, lack of time or sheer convenience. The truth is that employing these ghost professionals is more helpful than we imagine, and there are even companies that offer this, such as: commissioned authorwith a wide range of services.

video output

Video editors are responsible for cutting, assembling, and debugging the audiovisual material that results from the recording of a film, video, commercial, or other content. As the main tools, having a computer and editing software is enough to work from home. But in the same setup to start a business of this kind also lies the weakness, since the competition is fierce and the defense of prices and quality above average is complicated.

protocol in business

It’s true that the corporate world is becoming more and more informal, especially in Etatapero environments. However, this does not justify ignoring the forms and cultures of different countries when it comes to establishing international relations. In moments like this, following the rules of protocol is key to instilling respect for that culture and starting a business on the right foot. The suggestion is to specialize in a particular country or culture and offer protocol advice to any company that intends to do business there, without fear of screwing it up, as we mentioned in that other article.

finance director

Liquidity is the biggest concern of SMEs and the self-employed. Many companies do not have the minimum knowledge or enough time to manage their cash effectively.

The business consists of working as a financial manager for third parties. You can work for a fixed price and add another part to the success by getting your clients to reach certain milestones.

logistics clerk

It is not about becoming a logistics company, which involves high costs, but about acting as an intermediary or link between providers and users of freight transport services.

You can negotiate agreements with various national and international logistics companies to get competitive prices for cargo transportation, which you can then offer to your customers: small and large companies.

resume writer

Regardless of how experienced they are, there are very few people who enjoy writing resumes and they tend to pay very well to have someone write them for them. It costs you nothing to get started, and once you get the hang of it, you can charge quite a bit for each.

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