Specialized services with less structure

They come from two of the big Spanish law firms. They became independent with the idea of ​​offering the same quality of service but with less structure and at more competitive prices.

We didn’t want to set up a small office for the classic areas of the sole proprietorship, but to offer very specialized services like the big ones,” explains Juan Bezares, one of the four partners of Tribeca Abogados (www.tribeca-abogados.com).

Coming from two of the major Spanish law firms, these professionals wanted to replicate what they had learned in those offices, “but with a much smaller structure. Our biggest unknown was not whether we would make a living from what we were sure of, but whether we would actually find clients to offer these types of services to,” he admits.

Personalized service
They’ve seen that over time. In fact, “we are already four partners – three started – and 11 lawyers. We have small customers, but we have grown with larger operations. We specialize in areas. And like any large law firm, we have an experienced attorney who handles the case head-on; something that clients greatly miss when hiring a large company where the workload prevents the partner who has the first contact with the client from following the whole process. We take control of operations from start to finish.”

Bezares says that before the crisis, his main barrier to entry was not having a brand. “Our background helped us, but there were certain companies where the manager who wanted to hire us was a problem because we didn’t have a brand. With the crisis, the tortilla has turned and customers have given us the opportunity because we have fixed costs lower than those of a large office, which allows us to set very competitive prices. We managed to establish a more direct and personal relationship with the customer.”

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