Ferran Martinez Garriga

He participated in 156 games for the Spanish basketball team. He is the player who has won the most titles in the ACB League and the one who has played in the most finals and has always played in the best European teams. He is currently a member give me capitala platform that helps to invest in startups and a partner of several startups, such as Bid Awayamong other things.

“We can say that athletes have two lives. One is the fantastic, that of fame, where you make money and are famous, and the second is when you retire. Then everything changes and real life begins.” Martinez Garriga at a meeting at the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) in Madrid. His handling of money was always cautious. “I wanted to spend 30% of my earnings and invest the other 70%,” so he hired an accountant and another financier, “and there I managed with a spreadsheet, which at the time was the famous Lotus 1-2-3 to manage myself”. He also explained the reason for this attitude. “I took on a role as an investor because I knew very well that this would only be for a short time and I knew that with the money I was making then I needed to do good financial planning in order to carry on for the rest of my life relatively good. Then I thought that in addition to being an investor, I wanted to create companies and surround myself with talent.” Those are the two roles he currently holds.

Gerard Pique

It is also said that Gerard Piqué first started as a consultant at a Catalan business school and ended up studying a Masters in Entrepreneurship at Harvard. The candidate for the Barça presidency has long run his own video game startup. kerad games. Its flagship product is a free online soccer game with more than two million registered users. But besides video games, there are other sectors that interest him, such as the real estate market, where he appears in the Kerard Holding and also has a company controlled by UBS called SICAV. It also acquired 27% of the capital of Bas Alimentaria, a Catalan meat industry that produces and markets natural hamburgers.

Also to say that the on-field rivalry and scuffles in front of the cameras with Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos stops there. This does not affect their business relationship, as evidenced by the fact that both have considered being partners in Power to the Players, a social network still in the pipeline where the real and only protagonists are football players. Piqué is also a friend of the founder of Rakuten, sponsor of FC Barcelona. His latest entrepreneurial idea is to revolutionize the Davis Cup as if it were a soccer World Cup, backed by the investment group Kosmos, of which Piqué is the founder and president. Normal that the player dares to talk about his business empire.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Among other things, the Portuguese opted for the “Mobitto” app. A startup that offers users discounts and information about shops and restaurants with the best offers. Ronaldo is also very present in the hospitality industry, without forgetting his own line of underwear and CR7 gyms. Another big bet was the acquisition of Dutton Invest, a company dedicated to the exploitation of all types of aircraft, which Cristiano has focused on private jet rentals.

Andres iniesta

His startup First1Vision wants to develop a system of micro cameras built into smart shirts that athletes would wear on the field to measure their physical performance. [Iniesta, le pongan donde le pongan ]. He previously founded his popular winery in Albacete, where he also sells oils bearing the player’s name.

Leo Messiyeah

Its operations in Spain revolve around the company Limecu España 2010. Leo Messi Management SL (which manages the revenue from the Barça footballer’s image rights) and Edificio Rostower (with the aim of investing and renting offices and parking spaces) belong to it. garage) . To this we must add a restaurant in Barcelona, ​​whose decoration pays homage to his hometown of Rosario and football. In Argentina, Leo Messi also has hotel and real estate deals.

Sergei Ramos

Ramos is not only an image, but also part of the investor group of the Fever app. It is a startup that discovers free time schedules for users near their location. Livestock and real estate were other sectors that Ramos has focused his attention and capital on.

Alvaro Arbeloa

one of the most experienced footballers when it comes to investing in startups. His technology businesses include online marketplace We are Knitters, Lánzanos crowdfunding, and claims website reclaimador.es.

Iker Casillas

He founded the company Ikerca SL, the main purpose of which is real estate. The company is dedicated to the purchase and sale of land, real estate, houses and commercial and industrial properties. In the meantime, his wife, the journalist Sara Carbonero, has founded the fashion brand together with other colleagues. slow love and Souvenirs of South Africa SL

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