With these magical words from his counterpart Bill Gates, Steve Jobs’ talent reappears

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of doing damage and undoing it,” Albus Dumbledore told Harry Potter in the closing scenes of the saga’s conclusion. Great speakers have emerged throughout history, some holding their armies in battle and others, like Steve Jobs, convincing the world that their product was the best. Was it real?

Bill Gates is known for his book of recommendations that the tycoon is writing some reflections on a topical issue is not entirely surprising, but that, in a recent interview with fareed zakaria by CNN for the program Fareed Zakaria GPS, Gates talks about his biggest rival, Steve Jobs, it’s new.

Gates explained that he considered himself a lesser wizard and spells didn’t work on him. While Steve Jobs was performing magic spells, he left all the employees deep in thought.

The Microsoft founder found that even when a Jobs project was pretty bad, he could still create the “wow” effect. In 1988, Jobs introduced the NeXT Computer, a computer that was “riddled with bugs yet intrigued the public,” Gates explained.

Did Steve Jobs go to Howard? Maybe yes, his way of convincing and attracting audiences was otherworldly, something close to magic. His inaugural address at Harvard and the launch of the iPhone are testament to Jobs’ potential on a podium. A marketing speech that many people copied.

In parallel, Bill Gates spoke about the creator of the apple with great admiration and respect for his talent. Gates admitted that Jobs could be an “idiot”. and that it was difficult at times, but “it brought some incredibly positive things along with that strength.”

Gates found that Jobs was not only good at impressing with his own ideas, but was also exceptionally good at recognizing skills in others and motivating those people to do good work for him. “I haven’t met anyone who can match Jobs in that regard.”

The rivalry between the two technology companies is at its maximum, both gurus have revolutionized the history of technology and our world is different thanks to their ideas. What character would Steve Jobs be in the wonderful world of Harry Potter?

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