The entrepreneur Alfonso Aguilar

When we think of a film composer in the US, it’s easy to think of a bohemian artist banging the piano in a house with spectacular ocean views. In case of Alfonso G Aguilar it’s a bit different. First of all because he is not American but Spanish. Although he received a musical education at one of America’s most prestigious centers, Berklee College Music, he worked in the United States from a young age, barely 18 years old, composing for others. “That’s when I decide to become a great film composer and start creating my own brand as a composer.”

And here we come to the second big difference between Aguilar and the stereotype, his entrepreneurial business concept: “The artist can work alone and stand out, but in cinema you are part of a mechanism (you work with the director, with the producer, with the cinematographer ) and you need to surround yourself with a great team.”

It was then that he decided to take the leap from composer to musical entrepreneur: “I had to surround myself with certain people with certain abilities. And that leads you to start a business specializing in film composition.” He is currently the founder of AGA Music Company analyze and Sounditi. Likewise, Alfonso G. Aguilar appears in the list of the 100 most important entrepreneurs in the Spanish ecosystem prepared by this magazine.

Key to your development as an entrepreneur

professionalize creation. “To take part in big productions it’s not enough to be creative, you need machines to help you (producers, mixers, arrangers…). Many people need to be taught to adapt to the way you work.

Making 100 million movies involves meeting deadlines and completing a variety of tasks that are more commercial than creative in nature, and making time for other tasks more related to music production. Ultimately, organizing a recording takes a lot of work and I outsource it all to my company.”

The importance of the musical section in films is illustrated by the fact that the average team that Aguilar uses on a production is about 100 people, “although on larger projects like Klaus it can reach 326 people. The musical development of the film is a very lively process, since the production and composition of the music changes with the film itself. The pace is quite frenetic and you can’t skip a date. You have to be very strict about deliveries: a production cannot be stopped because of you. If you fail once, say goodbye to this industry.”

With the own brand by flag. “Today the production company is called AGA (by Alfonso G. Aguilar) Music Company. It was born as Doko in 2007, but we decided to change its name four years ago because I wanted to add value to my personal brand. That increases the quality standards, because if something goes wrong, you burn your name and damage your personal reputation.”

To diversify. But if Aguilar has shown anything, it’s his ability to spot business opportunities around music. The first alternative project was Sounditi: “an audio branding company trying to identify the sound identity of brands. He builds it with artificial intelligence. We have already created the audio brand for Indra and RedBull, for example.”

resilience. Another business is alyse. “Alyze was born as a Sounditis artificial intelligence engine, but with the pandemic audio branding stopped, so we turned Alyze into a spin-off and rebranded it as an emotion-reading tool. This allowed me to combine two of my great passions: generating emotions from music and linking them to the functioning of the mind through artificial intelligence. The result is a tool that allows us to recognize the emotion a face evokes on any device.”

So far, two products have been brought onto the market with a personal investment of two million dollars, “which will now increase to three million with the planned marketing in the USA”. Today, 15 people work at Alyze, but the goal is to reach 50 in a year and a half.

and expand horizons. “It’s important to make big and small films. The bigger the project, the fewer risks you can take, but you’ll reach the whole world. In small projects you can fill your soul with creativity and be freer.”

your next destination Touch all the pictorial works of Carlos Saura“It’s fascinating to combine a 90-year-old artist with technology that’s barely four years old,” he says.

Some interesting dates

Between 12 and 15 million Euro is the worldwide turnover

4 are the headquarters by AGA: Los Angeles, London, Madrid and Bucharest

15 are the people who work at Alyze in Miami

Between 100 and 326 are the people who work on the sound production of each film.

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