WOOM, a women's health startup, wins $2 million

Impressive, a tech startup dedicated to women’s health, has closed a new round of investments worth €2 million. With this new capital injection, which already amounts to around four million euros, the company continues to focus on accompanying women throughout their lives, from menstrual control to looking for a baby, pregnancy and afterbirth to menopause.

This new round, led by BrightCap Ventures With start capital as a co-investor, the technical team is to be expanded, with a clear focus on data science Y machine learning. The deep integration of these technologies will serve not only to have predictive algorithms in the search for pregnancy, but also to develop products aimed at the different stages of a woman’s life.

WOOM, founded in July 2016 with international vision, by Laurence Fontinoy Y Clelia Moralesstarted at Google for Startups in Madrid with the help of the acceleration programs of Seed Rocket, Google Campus Residence Y TheVentureCity.

This startup helps women get to know each other better through the application and offers a personalized experience. The aim is for the woman to be able to get pregnant as soon as possible or, if necessary, to be able to decide quickly to see a fertility specialist. 5% of women giving birth in Spain are already using WOOM.

“We are excited to begin this new phase of WOOM with the support of BrightCap Ventures, who are leading the investment. Your help will be invaluable to strengthen our technology and grow our business plans,” says Fontinoy, who acknowledges the success of completing the investment during the Covid outbreak: “Of course, it is a symptom of the interest that WOOM arouses, but also “a responsibility”.

In addition, Fontinoy asserts that “our commitment to the entire ecosystem in women’s health and well-being through technology is strong. We believe more than ever that digital health projects with a scientific component are a great ally to help optimize public and private health systems. Never before have we been so close to having an unprecedented impact on society and health through agile, digital technological systems with a clear scientific basis like WOOM.”

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