Sustainable Green Entrepreneurship

Promoting Green Entrepreneurship: This is the goal pursued by the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Environmental Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) with free training activities. Through them, entrepreneurs acquire new skills and knowledge to advance their sustainable business ideas.

And that’s how it happened Consulting and training service It forms #YourGreenCompany, created by the Emprendeverde network of the Empleaverde program and co-financed by the European Social Fund, has just launched its third edition. This completely free initiative aims to encourage new green businesses. She advises entrepreneurs who want to start a green business (company or self-employed). It forms #YourGreenCompany advised more than a hundred companies in the first two issues.

Itineraries for entrepreneurs

On the other hand, the training cycle on-line YoEmprendeverde tour guides, whose registration is currently open for the second edition, supports and accompanies entrepreneurs who want to start a business with a positive impact on the environment. In the first edition they supported a total of 189 participants. All of them acquired skills that allowed them to hone their skills in promoting their business idea.

Through webinars, training modules, training courses, Networking and an innovative methodology, this training cycle aims to consolidate theoretical knowledge by putting it into practice.

Depending on the maturity of the project, entrepreneurs will be able to do this Log in at three different levels: brainstorming, for those who want to start designing their business idea; Creation, for those who have a business idea that they need to mature and consolidate; Y former, for those who have already been trained in one of the network’s itineraries but need to give their business a final boost.

To allow for greater arbitration and flexibility, you can choose between a more participatory modality and another without schedules.

The largest community for green entrepreneurship

The Emprendeverde network consists of more than 10,000 people and is the largest green entrepreneurship network in Spain. All members of this community can benefit from various free promotions aimed at strengthening and expanding their sustainable business and ensuring optimal development of their activity.

The context of the climate crisis, the recent crisis and the impact of Covid-19 have led to a rethinking of the economic model and the need to shift to a fair and green transition. All actions carried out by the Emprendeverde network aim to adapt and train entrepreneurs to new jobs and business ideas related to sustainability. Granting new opportunities and positive impact on the environment.

The aim of these services is to support the creation of new viable and more resilient businesses, that contribute to a green recovery, biodiversity conservation and promoting a fairer ecological transition. The people who take part in these actions also get the support of the network to publicize their project.