Here we show you the best phrases to motivate your employees and achieve maximum productivity and engagement on their part.

1. We had great success with the new project and it was thanks to you. How easy it is to work with people like you! I am proud of the work you have done!”

This formula is intended to express appreciation for the work done. The message states that each of the employees has contributed to the success of the company to their own extent. Saying when something is well done is important for the employee and serves as motivation for later tasks or projects.

2. “If you know where you are going, every path will lead you there. It is not enough to start your career, you have to know where the journey is going and where we are going as a company.”

With a phrase like this, the director intends to motivate his employees towards specific goals and objectives. Without goals, nothing will ever be achieved in the company.

3. “I bet on you three years ago and while I may not remind you often, I still believe in your work. They have been with the company for a long time and have become an important player for the company.”

This phrase is intended to encourage people who have worked for the same company for a long time. The key is to remind them why they are here and how important they are to the company. This promotes the pride of the worker.

4. “You have done your job well, but I know you have much more to offer. If you give everything, you will go far in the company. It lies in your hand”.

This formula comes in handy when one of your employees contributes just enough to the company and you know they have much more to offer. It is a note letting him know that you will hear about his work and that his future at the company depends on him. This sentence promotes the healthy ambition of the employee.

5. “Lately I’ve noticed that you’re not looking forward to work. what’s up? When it comes to everyday work, I am open to new alternatives. Think about where you can perform better and be more motivated. I want the best for my employees.

This formula is said in front of people doing a very routine job. Starting the sentence with this appreciation will make the employee blush, but at the same time it will help them reconsider their behavior in everyday life. Your desire to improve your situation will activate the employee’s willingness to change.

6. “What you lack in experience you have to make up for with persistence and more hours of work. Don’t worry. You will see how everything goes well with effort.”

This phrase is used when we want to motivate someone who is just starting out or is facing new challenges. The boss portrays insecurity as normal in the new situation he is experiencing.

7. “I think you tried your hardest and we all got confused here. It was a team issue. In fact, I know you’re highly qualified for the position. What went wrong?

It’s a way to motivate the worker when he’s made a mistake. Part of the idea that if an employee fails at something, it’s not just their fault, it’s the fault of the rest of the team as well. This view of the boss will encourage the employee’s discomfort. The question at the end demonstrates the ability to engage in dialogue.

Another motivational formula in the face of a mistake would be: “Only those who do something are wrong. We prefer a person who fails at what he has done to one who fails to do his homework for lack of effort.”

In this case, mistakes are understood as another part of the daily work.

8. “Entering a new position is not easy, it brings more responsibility. For this reason, let us know everything you need, both at the training level and at other levels. If we have chosen you, it is because you are the best candidate.”

After the happy phase after the announcement of the promotion comes the daily work and with it more responsibility. The employee can feel insecure and to solve it it is necessary to offer him formulas to improve professionally.

Expressions not to forget

If we want to motivate our employees, how you start the sentences is very important. In this table we offer you some formulas to increase the enthusiasm of your employees:

“What I admire most about you is…”

“I am impressed by …”

“You can be proud of…”

“You’re doing a good job”

“You were very helpful with…”

“You are a key figure in the company”

“I wasn’t wrong with you”

“You showed…”

“We are a great team”

“We stand together”

“We Can Get It”

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