Your company's (and Google's or Netflix's) data passes through this part of Madrid

Where does the millions of pieces of data your company stores every year go? The safest thing is that one way or another they drive through the San Blas neighborhood of Madrid. Especially for the Industrial area Julian Camarillopositioned as attractive to the data storage industry, one of the most promising verticals.

65% of all internet data circulating in Spain and Portugal passes through this polygon, located in one of the most modest neighborhoods of the capital. This almost certainly includes your company, but also the technological giants of the present such as Google, Facebook or Netflix.

These buildings, once dedicated to the headquarters of companies like Recreativos Franco, are fast becoming the peninsula’s premier data center, and it seems set to continue growing in the short term. Evidence of this is that the data company Interxion has bought a plot of land that will soon open the largest data center in Madrid, with 35,000 square meters spread over four floors, as explained The country.

All from a neighborhood with a strong working tradition. The Julián Camarillo industrial area, which owes its name to the investor who promoted its construction, is located in the San Blas-Canillejas district, an area designed in the 1950s and 1960s as part of Madrid’s social emergency plan to accommodate the most vulnerable employee was created. modest.

Now one suggestion is to change the name of the polygon crazywith the intention of making the area a magnet for technology companies as well Barcelona created the 22@ district in the old industrial district of Poblenou at the beginning of the century. The Madrid municipal council has initially made a positive statement and announced that it will examine the name change.

As the experts explain, the area has the ideal conditions to become the benchmark data center in Spain: good connection to the fiber optic backbone, access to a significant amount of electricity supply and proximity to a large number of users, individuals and companies .

Data storage, one of the most promising industries

The data center sector has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years as a result of the proliferation of e-commerce and the sale of services stream. In Spain, a few weeks ago, the employers’ association of the sector was created, which expects 200 megawatts of power at 500 installed over the next five years, with an investment of more than 5,000 million euros and an increase in the energy consumption of the companies dedicated to this activity.

Another key that explains the growth of data centers is the emergence of cloud storage as a fundamental solution for businesses. In this sense, almost all companies, regardless of the industry they belong to, must become companies data driven in the coming years.

“Data analytics has been democratized in recent years to allow businesses of all shapes and sizes to access these services. Many of our customers, small and medium-sized companies, are doing everything they can to become companies data driven“, Points Raul Escuderomanaging partner of stratesysa technology center specializing in the data industry.

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